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I have spent a lot of time thinking about it, and looking at pictures of both Goodman and Hawksmoor food that I have taken and still I find it impossible to differentiate between these both places and think they are very similar, nevertheless some of the best places in London if you want a good steak. Hawksmoor has 4 branches in London (Goodman has 3) and is a steak restaurant (as is Goodman). I recently want to the Hawksmoor branch in the city, which is 5 min away from Goodman and the interior is very wooden, businesslike but at the same time very cozy and nice (very similar to the interior in Goodman).

The menu at both places in as A4 piece of paper, and I decided to be very daring and go for a starter I have not had before, the Smoked Eel & Ham Hock Salad. My friend Vlad had the same thing, and my friends Felipe and Zoli had the Doddington Caesar Salad. My eel and ham hock salad had a lot of peas and watercress as well as the eel and ham hock and it was topped with a poached egg. It was very nice, I can’t fault a single thing here, and the ham hock and the eel were delicious as were the other things on the plate. As for the main course, you have to have steak in this restaurant, otherwise a bit silly really, so all of us went for different types of cuts. Also all the sides at Hawksmoor were nice, we ordered the triple cooked chips, the mash with gravy, heritage tomato salad and the English lettuce and herb salad, and I also find here the sides almost identical at Hawksmoor and Goodman and you can get the same thing at both (both places even serve lobster mac and cheese which you can’t find on an average menu). The main difference that I could find is that Hawksmoor sells steak from the North Yorkshire multi-award winners The Ginger Pig, which sells meat that has been dry-aged (hung) for at least 35 days. I had the Hawksmor 300g fillet steak, which is the healthiest option (and also the smallest size of steak you can have there), note Goodman does a 250g fillet which costs £34, and here in Hawksmoor my 300g fillet cost me £32, so Hawksmoor does do better value for money steak, as 100g of fillet steak costs £13.6 in Goodman and only £10.7 in Hakwsmoor (you can see a similar premium for all cuts at Goodman). However the meat that Goodman serves is USDA angus beef which has been 150 days corn fed. You can also get cheaper steak in Goodman which comes from Scottish and Irish grass fed cows and a 250g filler from this type of cow costs £28, so cheaper than Hawksmoor. So the question at the end of the day is whether you think a Scottish cow is worse than a Yorkshire cow which are both worse than the US cow. And even though I have done a lot of Google research about all these different beefs and also tried to understand what is better a grass fed or a corn fed cow, I simply struggle to see, and the difference is in taste as the grass fed beef has a meatier flavour. But I guess depending on which country’s cow you want to eat, you chose the restaurant.

I have spoken to quite a few people about both Goodman and Hawksmoor and some people say Hawksmoor is better because they serve great cocktails and they even serve a cocktail with meat, but I have not tried these and in the middle of the day for lunch I did not see many people drinking these. Also some people say Hawksmoor has better atmosphere (I definitely do not think this is the case in the city branch but maybe in the others). Other people say Goodman is better as the food quality is better there. So I guess at the end of the day it is a personal choice, but as I said, because I struggle to see a big difference I rate them both the same, which is very highly as they do serve some of the best food in the city. Also I recently went for a a breakfast in Hawksmoor and it was absolutely amazing, you can get black pudding, eggs, bacon, mushrooms and beans and it is huge, so if you need a good breakfast place, you should definitely go to Hawksmoor.

Date: 14/09/12
Price for 4 people, including service charge, no alcohol: £240.75
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