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I have had food at Haz before, but only as takeaway, as at work we have sometimes ordered food from Haz on a Friday to be delivered to our office for lunch. Haz is a Turkish restaurant and the first restaurant was established in 2011, but now there are 4 restaurants (including one close to my work from where we get the takeaway). I went to Haz for lunch with my friend Deividas, as it was convenient for him, in the St Paul’s branch, close to the cathedral. Deividas sometimes comes to the Haz café which is located next to the restaurant and gets takeaway food, which according to him is also very good, but this time we went to the sit down Haz restaurant.

When I arrived and was seated I started taking pictures of the interior which attracted the waiters and the chefs attention, as the kitchen was located on one side of the dining room, and the main chef even asked me to take a picture of him, which I have never seen before, and usually I am asked not to take pictures, so I loves this Turkish enthusiasm, and now have a picture of the main chef which you can see below. The room had white tablecloths and it was full of city people, so it is a corporate lunch place made casual by the Turkish food you share. When I was seated they also gave me olives, bread and a Turkish dip which I almost finished before Deividas arrived.

When Deividas arrived, we ordered mixed meze for £7.45 per person and they brought us a lot of food and you almost don’t even need to have a main course if you don’t want to as this could be enough for a light lunch. The mixed meze included imam bayildi (roast aubergines, tomatoes, onions and herbs), ispanakli yogurt (strained yoghurt, spinach, carrots and garlic), tabule (chopped parsley, crushed wheat, tomatoes, onions, mint, leon oil), kisir (classic Eastern Anatolian salad with mixed nits, bulgur, onions and tomato sauce), borek (filo pastry with feta cheese and spinach), falafel and humus kavurma (humus with diced lamb and pine nuts). The portions were good, we could not finish all the starters and all the things tasted authentic, so you could have been in Istanbul eating the same food.

Next we each ordered a mixed grill which had chicken, lamb and kofte kebabs with rice, vegetables and it was also served with the amazing chilli sauce that Turkish restaurants make. I remember thinking the meet was extremely soft and tender and just delicious. I had recently been to a Lebanese and a Persian restaurant and the meet at Haz was definitely more delicious and succulent and I am not quite sure how they achieved it. Loved the main course and ate way too much.

I love Turkish food and I think Haz does great Turkish food which is very authentic and you could be in the middle of Istanbul eating this. Also I think the value for money here is great, as you don’t have to pay much to eat superb meat and be totally full.

Date: 06/06/13
Price for 2 people, no alcohol and service charge: £52.09
Location: Bank

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