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Hibiscus is ranked as the 94th best restaurant in the world according to the St Pellegrino restaurant awards, so I was keen to try it out, as only 6 of the 100 World's best restaurants are Located in the UK. However after I visited Hibiscus (and 2 other of the top 100 restaurants located in Lima), I am really starting to wonder who are these people that rank the 100 best restaurants and how do they come up with these rankings. I personally don’t think I had one of my 5 best meals in London in Hibiscus. Hibiscus is also only one of 8 restaurants in London to have 2 Michelin stars and the main chef is Claude Bosi who has worked under many talented chefs and in 2007 he moved Hibiscus from Ludlow to London. Hibiscus means a flower and you can eat it and also make drinks with it.

When I went there I had the tasting menu, and the way it works there is you don’t see what is on the tasting menu, you can only chose how much you want to eat (ie an 8 course or a 10 course tasting menu) and I decided to go for the smaller one. Note even though you don’t know what is going to be on the tasting menu, they do list in the menu what is "in season right now" and you can expect to find these ingredients in the tasting menu you are about to embark on (when you have finished your meal they give you a menu stating all the things you had). The first dish I had was the Hibiscus Flower & Pineapple Soda, which was presented in an interesting looking tall glass and was pink. Then I had the cured mackerel, confit rhubarb, cardamom oil, and I do like mackerel due to its strong flavour as a fish, but I did not enjoy this one at all. My third course was a ravioli of spring onion & lime, broad beans & mint puree, which was ok (I am biased as I really like ravioli, but this definitely was not the best ravioli I have ever had). The “ native lobster, ginger & spring onion, black pepper sauce” followed, which from the name sounds amazing, but unfortunately did not live up to the expectations once again. The “dover sole with morels & kaffir leave, tarragon and coffee”, was extremely a bit tasteless. Then came the “roast rack of rose veal, peanuts & aubergine, smoked bonito juice”, which reminded me a lot of the pork and hazelnut dish I had in Dabbous a few weeks ago, but once again this dish was average and definitely not as amazing as the one in Dabbous. The only good thing about Hibiscus was the desert which I did thoroughly enjoy, and I think it takes more to impress me with deserts as I don't generally eat them. For the desert I had the “charlotte strawberries, celeriac and Szechuan pepper”, which was very nice and followed by one of the best deserts I have ever had in London. As I did not know what I was eating (as I said they only give you the menu afterwards) I thought I was eating some sort of condensed milk dish, but my last dish turned out to be “asparagus cream, whey gel & coconut sorbet” which worked so well and was so incredibly delicious.

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