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Mark Hix has 8 restaurants these days (btw we apparently saw him during this meal, my lunch buddy Dom recognized him and pointed him out to me and he looked quite scruffy but in a trendy way) and the restaurant named after his surname, Hix (located in Soho) was the second restaurant he opened in 2009. Mark Hix is a famous chef and worked in Caprice for 17 years and after he left he opened his first restaurant Hix Oyster & Chop House in Smithfield, and he is known for his original take on British gastronomy. Hix boasts Mark Hix’s signature daily-changing menu of seasonal British food. And downstairs is the famous Mark’s bar which has great cocktails apparently, but which I did not try on this occasion.

I went to Hix for lunch with my friends Zoltan and Dominic and inside the restaurant you have wooden tables and chairs and we were seated at one of these in the middle of the room. The waitress asked us if we would like to have any bread, which we did, and she brought us a small loaf of round white bread with some butter which was ok. Dominic also ordered the “Moyallon pork crackling served with Yorkshire rhubarb sauce” that we had as a snack, and the pork cracklings were delicious, nice and thick and the rhubarb sauce was also very tasty, I personally am not the biggest fan of rhubarb and I really liked the way it tasted as it was not overpowering. Zoltan and I ordered “steak tartare” as a starter portion (you can also have it as a main course) and it was wonderful, nice white toasted bread and perfectly seasoned and delicious steak tartare. Dominic ordered “A plate of Waddington's cured pork collar” and they gave him a plate of what looked like the Spanish Jamon Iberico and was UK’s version of this. I actually was very impressed with this dish as the cured pork was soft and tender and delicious. Zoltan and I once again chose the same dish for main course “Jacobs Stables goat curry” and we were presented with a small bowl of curry and a bowl of rice to go with it. For £21.50 there was not too much to eat at all as the plate was quite small. I don’t mind eating small portions as I can’t eat much anyways (and judging by the size of Zoltan neither can he), but I just think it was overpriced. It was nice though, the meat was very soft and it had a nice slight and not too heavy curry flavour to it. To go with the curry I also had a green salad and in the green salad you could find the most interesting green leaves which you can see in the picture below. I did not know what a lot of these leaves were and have not seen these types before so that was very interesting. Dominic ordered the “Fillet of Start Bay hake with Kentish fava beans and blood pudding” and the blood pudding was made into this crumbling small texture and mixed in with the fava beans. Dominic liked it and finished the whole thing.

The service though was quite bad throughout the meal. I had to get the attention of the waiters all the time as either they forgot to bring us the pork cracklings or they did not take away our plates for 15 minutes after we had finished the main course. The waiters just did not pay much attention to us and were careless. This service and also the fact that I thought the food was a tiny bit overpriced leads me to give this place 3 Ms but the food was not bad, I did enjoy the dishes that I had. 

Location: Soho
Date: 27/02/13
Price for 3 no alcohol and service charge: 132.75

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66-70 Brewer Street W1F 9UP
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