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Hixter is a restaurant owned by Mark Hix and just like his other restaurant Tramshed focuses on chicken and steak but the menu is definitely broader than at Tramshed. There are now actually 2 Hixter restaurants one in the city (Devonshire square, where I went) and one in Bankside (the area that is seeing more and more restaurants open these days). Mark Hix is a famous restaurateur and a food writer (I have and use one of his cookbooks) and he has now 10 different restaurants in London (I have reviewed a few).

Hixter city is located on the same premises that used to host the restaurant Sushinho (where I went when it was still alive). At Hixter, can sit indoors and outdoors (the inside is done in that sort of cool Mark Hix way that the other of his restaurants are as well) and as the day was sunny, we sat outdoors. The menu was quite wide and interesting with not just British food but elements from across the world (like Mark Hix’s restaurants usually do). I chose an “Armenian aubergine salad” as my starter and my friend Juan went for the “Portland crab with heritage tomatoes and chives”. I liked the aubergine salad but it was under-seasoned and I had to add a lot of salt to bring out the flavor, but apart from it I liked it, I have not seen an Armenian salad on the menu anywhere else although it looked like a typical Middle Eastern salad. Juan enjoyed his crab. I would not though usually combine crab with tomatoes myself.

The main course that instantly caught mine and Juan’s attention was the “Hixter BLC beef, lobster and chicken sandwich”. I have not seen before a sandwich that contains chicken, beef and lobster all together. I hesitated but the waiter encouraged me to have it so I ordered it. It was served with onion rings and even though I usually don’t like them these had a lot of flavor. The bread was toasted and crunchy and the inside of the sandwich with beef, chicken and lobster was delicious. It was not cheap and cost £25, but it was a very very good sandwich. I was full halfway through (as it was humangous) but kept eating it as it was so good. It also had a lot of lettuce and mayonnaise inside which made it crunchy and just brought all the flavours together. My friend Philippe ordered a steak and a side of fries and I also ordered a side of tomato salad. Philippe said the steak was decent. The tomato salad was once again absolutely under-seasoned and I once again got strange looks from Juan and Philippe as I was adding a lot of salt and pepper to make this taste nice. But the tomato salad looked nice with different colorful tomatoes.

This would be a 3M restaurant had it not been for that interesting and amazing Hixter BLC sandwich which made this restaurant stand out for me from the other similar city restaurants.

Date: 28/ 08/ 14
Price for 3 people: £120.66
Location: City

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9A Devonshire Square EC2M 4YN
United Kingdom
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