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Honyaki is a Japanese restaurant in in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, in the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, a sort of shopping mall, full of restaurants, next to a nice luxurious Jumeirah hotels. Honyaki means a piece of steel that is perfect for slicing sashimi, which is where the name for the restaurant comes from.

I went to Honyaki with my buddies Rob and Ahmed and tt was a very sunny and pleasantly warm day, like most days in Dubai and we decided to sit outside on the outdoor terrace, although you can also sit inside, but they had turned on the air con very high and it was freezing inside. The view from the outside terrace on the beautiful hotel buildings and the Madinat amphitheater as well as the Burj Al Arab, one of the most recognizable buildings of Dubai, was lovely. 

The menu focuses on sushi and sashimi, but also has salads, miso soup and very interesting tacos. They also do a Bento Box if you want all the things in one place, which costs AED 250. We wanted to order food a la carte and so ordered some chilli paste edamame beans (you could also have plain or with sesame), tuna Honyaki tacos, Wakame Salad “Honyaki style” with Tosazu dressing and one of the Chef’s Keneth Kim’s selection dishes, the “tender octopus with Spicy miso sauce”, and four different types of rolls. The edamame was not amazing, the beans were well cooked but the spicy paste did not really stick to the beans well and was a bit strange to taste. My lunch buddies Ahmed and Rob really liked the tuna taco rolls, and I also have to agree they were good, because the taco was relatively thin, so you could taste a lot of the delicious tuna, I have had these sort of tacos in places where the taco is so thick it overwhelms the fish inside of it. I very much liked the seaweed/ Wakame salad, but I always like this sort of salad, and here it was well made, and they gave you a lot, this is the biggest portion of this sort of salad I have seen (the boys were not that keen on this green healthy salad though). I also liked the octopus, it was thinly sliced and I liked the sauce that went with it, but the boys once again were less keen on it (but I think maybe their taste buds are not as sophisticated as mine).

We ordered four different types of rolls, but my favourite was the Honyaki sandwich which you could either have with king crab or salmon (we had it with salmon) and which was served with crispy flakes. It was delicious, the salmon was prepared deliciously, I am not even sure of all the things that went into it, but it was great, and the crispy flakes went so well with it, it is one of the best dishes I have had in a Japanese restaurant. We had also ordered a roll called “Rock n Roll” (most rolls had quite creative names) which had Spicy tuna and wasabi caviar, nothing too special, but well/ tightly rolled delicious tuna roll. We also chose two other ones called “Funky roll” with Spicy salmon, and one called “Ebi-Ten maki” with Prawn tempura, asparagus, creamy spicy sauce. I thought these were good rolls, but my friends Rob and Ahmed really enjoyed them and they thought on the back of these rolls, this meal at Honyaki was one of their favourite meals in a long time.

Honyaki does nice Japanese food, where some dishes are better than others, but the view on the beautiful Arabic type buildings, makes this an especially pleasant lunch place.

Date: 10/ 11/ 13
Location: Dubai
Price for 3 people without alcohol: AED420 (around £70)

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Honyaki, Madinat Jumeirah
United Arab Emirates
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