Jul 6 2012

Hoxton Grill


Hoxton Grill is located in the Hoxton Hotel in the trendy Shoreditch area. My friend Lasma had chosen this place for her birthday dinner. As it was 15 of us celebrating Lasma’s birthday we had to pre-order the food (4 different starters, 4 different mains and 4 different deserts) and all the food was brought to us in big plates to share.

The Hoxton Grill is quite a cool place, at the entrance of the hotel/ grill you have big sofas where you can relax, read a newspaper or a book and meet your friends, perfect for Saturday and Sunday mornings. The bar is also very nice and there is an outside area with trees in the middle of the room. The main dining area looks a bit like a very upmarket American diner, but it does suit the hip vibe of the place. As there were so many of us, they could not accommodate us in the main dining area and we sat in a private room, which was further away.

Even though the place is cool, unfortunately the food was not amazing and the nicest thing that I had there was macaroni cheese. I usually acknowledge the fact that it is harder for restaurants to cook for large groups of people together but as here they just had to cook the same thing, just in a large amount, you can’t really use this excuse. Also most of the things that they gave us can be found on the normal menu of the restaurant.

As a starter we shared big plates of "fish goujons", breaded fish, nice, nothing special, "potato wedges, sour cream", nice potatoes, maybe not crispy enough for my liking, "pea hummus, flatbread", this I thought was the least inspiring of the starters, and if this would have been the only starter I had I would be seriously upset, as the pitta bread was one of the plainest you can get (worse than what you buy in ASDA) and the pea hummus was not great at all. We also had sausages, which were ok. So far all the food was comfort food, which was really nothing special, and I could have made this dinner party at home (by buying all this stuff from Tescos and the pitta bread from some corner shop). For the main course we had pieces of chicken, once again imagination was not visible in this dish, as well as the “mackerel with sweet corn salsa”, and I did not think the mackerel was delicious at all and I usually love this fish. We also had cheeseburgers, and even though I am usually crazy for burgers and try to eat them whenever I find them here again they were not amazing, and I only had half a burger (so untypical of me!). The nicest thing on the menu I thought was the macaroni cheese; I loved it and had loads of it. For the desert we had a warm chocolate brownie (looked nice, I did not try), sorbet (was a nice sorbet, but don’t think you can really mess this up), pecan tart with Jack Daniels ice cream (once again I did not try this as I was feeling so full from the macaroni cheese) and raspberry ripple cheesecake (did not try).

Think this is a restaurant that serves good old comfort food, but you could easily make this yourself or just buy this in a shop

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Hoxton Grill
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