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When I discuss Hunan with people, half of the people have never heard of it, and the ones who know it think it is one of their favourite Chinese restaurants in London. Hunan is definitely one of my favourite Chinese restaurants in London, located in Pimlico and it is amazing in so many ways, and if you love Chinese food and have not yet been there, you must book it now.

For those of you that have not followed my food reviews, my boyfriend and I are going through the alphabet and each week depending on the letter you have you need to chose a cuisine or country that starts with that letter and a restaurant that serves this food (we have already done A (American food) and B (Bolivian food)). This week was my turn, and I had to choose a cuisine starting with the letter C and I decided to take the bf to Hunan (he had never been there before).

Hunan is a province in China and is the birthplace of the chef’s mentor but the food at Hunan is mainly Taiwanese (I did not want to wait until letter T comes up…). One of the interesting things at Hunan is that you don’t have a menu, the waitress just asks you how spicy you want the food and if you have any allergies or don’t eat anything and she brings you various dishes. The portions are small, which means you can taste a lot of different dishes, which I love, and we had 11 different dishes plus the duck with pancakes. And the other amazing thing is how relatively cheap Hunan is. Our meal cost £79 for two, and considering the amazing quality of dishes we had, and all the different things we could taste, I think this is amazing value for money, as in my local Chinese I sometimes end up spending more and get less food in terms of amount and variety and definitely less delicious.

The first dish that arrived was chicken in a lettuce wrap, which was delicious, which was followed by a spicy dumpling which I thought was the nicest Chinese dumpling I have ever had (as there is no menu I can’t remember what was in there or how they made it so delicious). Afterwards we had some delicious pork ribs, slightly spicy and mushrooms filled with pork, which were the nicest filled mushrooms I have had. The sauce that accompanied them was delicious, and in Hunan you can see every sauce is created with such craft as you can see little pieces of chilli, herbs and garlic floating in there, so you know there is nothing artificial and everything is cooked with great skill. The slightly battered green beans with chilli were amazing, and perfectly battered, as the batter was so think and crisp, and many high-end restaurants should take lessons in Hunan at how to make such nice tempur-ed things. The other dishes we had, pork meatball, beef with chillies ad green beans, spicy squid, vegetable fried balls, something that tasted like sweet and sour pork and a prawn in spicy red sauce, were all delicious and I could not fault them in any way (you can see all the pictures below). After these 11 delicious dishes we had the duck with pancakes and here once again it was perfectly executed, the duck had no fat, the pancakes were high quality (they did not break when folded which happens in cheap restaurants and even in Royal China), the cucumbers fresh and the hoisin sauce lovely textured, slightly lighter than usual, and fresh. The only disappointment was that they no longer served this amazing soup, I have had on my previous visits to Hunan, but I am sure it will come back during the winter months.

Wonderful Chinese meal, if you like Chinese you must go there.

date - 11/08/12
price per 2 without alcohol with service charge - £79

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