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I have now been to Iberica a few times, as quite a few of my Spanish friends have taken me there or suggested we go there as native Spaniards love this. I was a bit skeptical when I first went there as I thought it would be quite expensive and not live up to the hype and the prices, but it foes. The executive chef of Iberica is Nacho Manzano, who back home in Asturias, in Spain has a 2 Michelin star restaurant, so he knows what he is doing. Iberica now has 2 restaurants, one in Marylebone and one in Canary Wharf and I have only been to the Canary Wharf one as that is located close to my work. The restaurant has 2 floors and you can sit by the bar (which I have once done) or by a table, and both are different and equally good. 


Iberica has a great tapas menu, as well as a selection of cheeses and cured meets. The food is creative and interesting, and I was actually surprised by the prices as for example for the price of £6.50 they give you 6 huge and delicious croquettes. I have had many things there like chorizo lollipops, various croquettes, octopus with potatoes, pimientos de pardon and a few of these dishes you can see in the pictures below. 


If you like Spanish tapas, this is definitely a good place to have them. 


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