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Ikeda is a fine dining Japanese restaurant in Mayfair. I had heard a lot about it but had never been, so I decided to go there with my very special friend Paul. Ikeda is an old restaurant and has been open for 38 years. It feels very traditional with a sushi counter when you walk in and then tables and chairs further inside the restaurant that overlook the open kitchen and chefs cooking on one side. The clientele is very eclectic, I saw bankers and fashionistas eating lunch.

Ikeda does not seem to specialise, and offers all the things you would expect to see in a Japanese restaurant – sushi, sashimi, steam and grilled dishes, rice and noodles and appetizer dishes. We ordered some edamame beans to start with and were also given a small dish of crunchy dry seaweed as a compliment from the chef. The edamame was ok, just like edamame should be. We also ordered Wakame salad or wakame seaweed salad with rice vinegar, as I absolutely love seaweed salad, and Deef fried soft shell crab with ponzu sauce as our starters. Paul was very hungry and he also wanted a whole plate of sashimi just for himself, so he ordered that (I forgot to take a picture of it). Paul had some salmon and tuna on his sashimi plate and he thought most of it was ok, but he did not think the fish were particularly good and there was one piece of tuna he thought was actually old. He was not impressed with the quality of fish in Ikeda. He did however like the Deef fried soft shell with ponzu sauce. I have to agree the crab was very good, made well, crunchy and yet soft, very good and delicious with the sauce. As I love seaweed salad, I really liked the wakame salad.

Ikeda is apparently known for its tempura, so we ordered the Tempura Moriawase or assortment of tempura with fish, prawns and vegetables. I liked the tempura, it did not have too much batter and the batter was light and pleasant. Besides this we also ordered chicken yakitori or pieces of chicken on skewer grilled with Teriyaki sauce and Barbecued fillet eel on the rice with teriyaki sauce. The chicken yakitori had a nice teriyaki flavour to it. The eel was great, full of flavour and served with flavoursome rice. I think the eel I had in Japan in a specialised eel restaurant was better but not by a mile, so this was a very good eel dish. It was heavy though, so I could not eat too much of it.

I liked Ikeda, although it is more expensive than some other traditional Japanese restaurants that I think serve quite similar food. Some of the dishes I thought were very good, like the soft shell crab and the eel, but the fish and yakitori were ok. 

Date: 30/ 10/ 14
Price for 2 people, no alcohol, with service charge: 134.78
Location: Mayfair

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