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This is “an interactive restaurant”, which means that you have a table that acts like a computer. I went to this pan Asian restaurant in Soho (although they now also have a branch on Regents street) and was very excited by the  “interactive table” on which you can order your food. You can select different items with a mouse on the table and the picture and the description of the food appear on your table so you can make a very wise choice about the food you want to have. I spend a lot of time looking through all the dishes and I love the fact that I could make a very informed judgment about the things I would have. You can also change the colour of your table by clicking on this mouse, as well as playing games (so if you have bored children, this is perfect). The food though was a disappointment and the best thing about this place was the interactive table. 


First they brought me the worst Virgin Mary I have ever had (I can’t even explain the weird taste it had) and I could not finish it, it is the only Virgin Mary I have never finished in my life. The food was not nice, as a starter we shared Baby Pork ribs, Braised in XO sauce, and served with a pea sauce, which was probably the nicest dish we had as the meat on the ribs was tender and delicious, as well as sharing the Baby Crispy Prawns, which were “Lightly battered” according to the menu, even though I thought they were “severely battered” served with a Thai mango relish. We also had the Thai Beef Salad, which was “Inamo's take on a classic Thai dish with a tangy chilli dressing”, and was nice but super spicy (I love spicy food, hot Nandos is no problem for me, and this was a bit too much), and I also thought £7.50 was not amazing value for money for this dish as they did not give you that much. For the main course we had duck with pancakes, which was a traditional duck you get in a Chinese restaurant served with Inamo’s vegetable coleslaw (instead of cucumbers you would get in a Chinese restaurant). There were quite a few things wrong with the duck, the vegetable coleslaw addition did not really work with the duck (very few places like the Chinese restaurant Min Jiang can make something else apart from cucumbers work well together with the duck, and Inamo could not) and they would have been much better off serving it with the traditional cucumbers, the pancakes were low quality and cheap and you can always tell as they break when you try to roll them, this never happens with an expensive pancake, and also the duck cost £13, and for this price in a Chinese restaurant (the kind in Bayswater, so not too posh) you can get ½ duck, but here you only got a quarter, so really bad value for money. Next we had the Thai Red Curry, which cost me £13, and I thought I was getting a nice curry like the ones in Busaba Eathai, but instead I got a really watery curry with almost nothing in it. Despite spending so much time with the interactive table, I had not properly read on the menu that I was getting a vegetable curry (I expected meat), with Butternut squash and some other small vegetables like mushrooms floating around. I had finished the few pieces of vegetables that were in the curry in about 3 min and then was left with this huge bowl of curry sauce without anything in it, so I ended up eating rice with curry sauce. I can comfortably say this is the worst value for money curry I have eaten. We also shared a side of some spicy aubergines that were fried and served with black fungi with hot and spicy sauce, this was nice but not amazing which meant I only had a few pieces, and I rarely leave food. Overall the food definitely does not live up to the price, go to Busaba Eathai for cheaper and better food, but the interactive tables are cool


Date –01/08/ 12

Price for 2 with 1 cocktail – £77

Location: Soho


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