Jun 23 2013

Innocent Cafe

My friend Guna loves this brunch restaurant and both of us have been there many times, as Guna says they do great brunch, have the best coffee in Riga and also have wonderful looking men serving you coffee and food (the men are alternative and cool looking and I do agree a lot of them are great looking and it is just so nice to have brunch whilst having eye candy around you). The interior is pleasant and welcoming with various sized and shaped tables and chairs all around the room, as well as tables outside if you want to sit in fresh air, which when it is very hot in Riga, is very pleasant.

The best thing about Innocent Café is the coffee and people like Guna that like coffee and know and recognize good coffee say this is the best coffee place in Riga. They use Illy coffee, special Illy cups (which they say keep coffee at the perfect temperature), world class coffee machines and many of their barristas (the good looking men that I mentioned) have won special awards.

This time we went to Innocent Café, which is located on Blaumanu street,  a nice and quiet street in the centre of Riga with not so many cars passing by, on a Sunday mid day for brunch with both of our boyfriends, so there was not so much men browsing going on, on this particular occasion. Brunch cost LVL5 (around £6) and you can eat as much as you like from a well laid out table which features Latvian classics and modern takes on Latvian food. Brunch is served every day but on weekends you can have brunch up to 3pm (on weekdays until 12pm). You can either pay at the beginning or at the end of your meal, and you pay extra for any coffee, juice or smoothies you want to have (we ordered 2 freshly squeezed orange and carrot juices mixed together). I was enjoying my brunch too much I forgot to take a picture of my plate, but I had Latvian salted cucumbers, Latvian cheese (we were there for the midsummer’s night and they make a special cheese for this time of year), some smoked chicken (very typical Latvian thing to smoke chicken), Latvian pastries filled with meat, Latvian herring, very tasty cheese on toast and a bowl of Latvian cold soup. Cold beetroot soup is a very traditional dish that people eat during the summer, and Innocent Café had done a nice twist on it, and instead of beetroot made it with tomatoes and peppers, and even though I liked it (and even finished my boyfriend’s bowl of soup as he did not like it), I do prefer the traditional beetroot version. My boyfriend also very much liked the food and had two helpings.

The other brunch restaurant that I have been to in Riga is Koya, where the atmosphere is very different, the view is better as you can look outside at some water, and also it feels more upscale inside, whilst Innocent Café seems more down to earth and funkier (same as the people that work there). The variety is bigger at Koya and you can also have pancakes and omlettes which are made to your requests (there is an omlette at Innocent Café, but you can’t chose the way it is made) but it is also more expensive and brunch at Koya is LVL8 vs Innocent Café at LVL5. I think both places are good and different, and it just depends which one you personally like more, and as I like them equally and prefer some things at Koya and some at Innocent Café, I give them the same rating,

Date: 23/06/13
Price for 2 people, no alcohol, no service charge: LVL18
Location: Riga

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Innocent Cafe
Blaumaņa iela 34-1a, LV-1011
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