Sep 13 2012

Jamie's Italian


My Canary Wharf Latvian female friends and decided to catch up over lunch, and as this time Lasma did not have much time for lunch, we decided to choose a place close to her office, and so decided to go for Jamie’s Italian. I am a huge fan of Jamie Oliver these days as I use his cookbooks a lot and keep impressing people with my culinary skills because of that. Jamie apparently is totally obsessed with Italian food hence he opened up Jamie’s Italian which has become a small chain. As I know Jamie Oliver’s recipes so well these days it did feel like Jamie had a lot of influence on the menu and the dishes served in Jamie’s Italian, and it felt like with Jamie showing you how to cook these dishes, you could recreate these things at home. The décor of Jamie’s Italian is very cozy, I think “rustic wannabe” but in a good way is a good description of it, and at the bar you can see big crates full of fresh vegetables and fruit, Jamie trying to show he is using fresh ingredients I assume. My healthy friends Lasma and Agate both decided to order the Scottish salmon salad which had beetroot-cured salmon with crunchy fennel, blood oranges, herb cresses & croutons, with zesty citrus & yoghurt dressing, and I went for a pasta (quite embarrassing, the waiter probably thought I was the unhealthy and fatty one). And the pasta I chose was a half portion (so trying to mitigate this impression somewhat) Monachelle Puttanesca which had seashell pasta with tomato sauce, capers, chilli, anchovies & Gaeta olives and as side dishes I decided to have the humble green salad which had Soft lettuce with mint & lemon buttermilk dressing and the Steaming sprouting broccoli with lemon, garlic and olive oil. The salad that the girls ordered looked beautiful, the colours were so nice on the plate and it was such a big plate. My pasta was nice but it was totally uncooked and I know Jamie is all about not over boiling stuff and everything being quite fresh and with a “crunch”, but this took it to another level and the pasta was so stiff some of the pieces were quite hard to eat. Ever since I have gone there I have also discussed Jamie’s Italian with my colleague Zoli and his pasta when he went there a few weeks ago was served cold and he said the service was awful. Our service was ok but I guess you can see a general theme that the execution can be a bit poor as clearly Jamie himself is not in the kitchen making all the dishes incredible. As a place though I do prefer Jamie’s Italian to Barbecoa (his meaty venture by St Pauls) as I think the food quality is quite similar but Jamie’s Italian is much cheaper, and also the atmosphere is cosier and nicer, hence it gets an extra m more than Barbecoa.


Price for 3 people, no alcohol, excluding service charge: £37

Date: 13/09/12

Location: Canary Wharf

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Jamie's Italian
2 Churchill Place Canary Wharf
United Kingdom
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