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JaneTira is a Thai street food restaurant in Soho. They say it is a street food restaurant, but a lot of the dishes you get there you can get in other Thai restaurants as well, and I did not have an overwhelming feeling this was street food. The restaurant is very small and located on one of the busiest streets in Soho. I came here for dinner on a Friday evening at around 8pm (such a bad idea!) and had to wait around 30minutes in the queue. I really don’t like waiting in the queue and I usually am very good at going to restaurants at a good time so I don’t have to queue, but not this time. As I said the restaurant is small, people are squeezed in, but in a sort of nice way, and the waitresses are generally very efficient and serve your food to you quickly.

I ordered two cocktails, Rim ginger cocktail with MeKhong Thai Rum, ginger ale and soda which was very pleasant and the Cha Rum Yen with MeKhong Thai Rum, sweet Thai iced tea and a squeeze of fresh lime which was un-drinkable. I did not like the taste at all, it had a weird after taste. The menu was wide featuring smaller dishes, bigger dishes, curries, salads, soups, rice dishes, all the things you would expect to see in a Thai restaurant. We decided to order three dishes and share them, plus the famous Thai spicy soup with prawns, Tom Tu Kung, for me, as I love this soup. The soup was delicious, spicy and was a good Tom Tu Kung soup, not the best I have had, but decent, and much better than the soup I had in the neighbouring Rosa’s Thai Café.

We also ordered a Thai beef salad with sirloin beef, fresh chillies, cucumber, onions, tomatoes, coriander and lime juice, Thai green curry with chicken and Pad Thai with prawns. The Pad Thai was delicious, once again, much better than the pad Thai in the neighbouring Rosa’s Thai Café restaurant, but felt quite oily and my boyfriend woke up the next morning having a slight hangover feeling despite not drinking anything, and he said it was because he thought the food was unhealthy and too oily. I liked the green curry but it was too watery with not enough substance and chicken/ vegetables in it. But the taste of it was great, authentic. The Thai beef salad was delicious in flavour, but the beef was quite chewy and not a great piece of meat to eat.

I thought the food was ok in JaneTira, better than at Rosa’s Thai Café, but what I really liked about this place was the small crowded feeling of the place, which did remind you of being in Thailand.

Price for 2 people with service charge and some cocktails: 69.75
Date: 10/ 10/ 14
Location: Soho

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28 Brewer Street W1F 0SR
United Kingdom
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