Aug 24 2014

Jimmy’s Place


I was in Mykonos, Greece and I was craving some souvlaki. When I googled souvlaki and Mykonos, this café “Jimmy’s Place” kept coming up, so I thought it should be good and decided to go there. Some articles that I had googled even said Jimmy’s Place was the most famous souvlaki place in Mykonos. Jimmy’s Place was located in the town of Mykonos, on one of the small alley way streets. We got a bit lost and asked some people where Jimmy’s Place was and everyone knew it, so it definitely is famous.

When we came here, my boyfriend did not like the look of the place at all and refused to eat there. Jimmy’s place is a casual café, the inside of it looks like a casual kebab shop, the sort you see in London and they have pictures of the menu and different dishes on the walls. The rest of the walls are covered in pictures. Most of them have an older man in them, which I assume to be Jimmy and some of the pictures have celebrities with Jimmy eating at Jimmy’s place (no big celebrities, smaller ones). There are pictures from many many years, so you can see how Jimmy has changed over the years and you realize how old this place is.

I had to have souvlaki, although you could also order burgers and other sandwiches or meat with just fries, all the usual dishes you would expect to see in a casual kebab restaurant. Souvlaki is a popular Greek fast food, consisting of small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer, it is often eaten either out of hand or in a pitta sandwich and usually with fried potatoes. The souvlaki at Jimmy’s place cost EUR 3.50 each and had meat and potatoes with a sauce and onions wrapped in a pita bread. I had not had souvlaki in a while and I thought this was a decent souvlaki. It was very tasty, and I liked it. But then again I like this sort of junk food and I like kebabs from cheap kebab restaurants.

I am not sure whether this is the best souvlaki in Mykonos, I am sure they can do better, but for EUR 3.5 for it, I was very happy.

Date: 24/ 08/ 14
Price for 1 person for just souvlaki: EUR 3.5
Location: centre of Mykonos town

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Jimmy’s Place
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Jimmy’s Place Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 2.5