Apr 1 2012



I like this Chinese restaurant and my friend Baiba and I have been going there for years. Kai is located in Mayfair on South Audley Street, and has less of an atmosphere than other Chinese restaurants but the food is good. Kai is one of the few Chinese restaurants that has a Michelin star and some people say it is one of the best Chinese restaurants in London.

During my latest visit I had a hot and sour soup that I did not think was the best I have had, but still extremely nice and I shared a crispy aromatic duck with Baiba, and whilst it was good, it was quite dry (and it did not feel that unique). Baiba had a soup called "A Sea of Eight Treasures" which includes vegetables, shark's fin and GOLD! I have tried the soup and it is very delicious, and I have not had gold in a soup before (it is sparkly and does look like gold when the soup is brought to you). Whilst I think Kai is very good, I think there are better Chinese restaurants in London and also as I said it does not have that unique factor (like the view in Min Jiang or the old school Shanghai colonial feel like in Shanghai Blues). 

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65 South Audley Street, W1K 2QU
United Kingdom
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