Dec 26 2014

Kasha/ Gourmet

I was meeting my friends in Riga for lunch and Olga and Arturs suggested we meet in Kasha/ Gourmet, which is one of their favourite cafes in Riga. Kasha is located on the corner of Brivibas and Stabu streets, and the word Kasha means porridge in Russian. From the outside the place does not look like much and also the inside is quite casual (apart from the great children’s corner which has a lot of interesting things for children) but the menu is very creative.
Kasha, as the name suggests does serve various type of porridges you would have for breakfast (their breakfast menu is great, so this is a nice place for breakfast/ brunch), but not only, and also serves porridges with rice, pearl barley, buckwheat and various other savoury ingredients, the sort of dishes you would have for lunch and dinner. Besides porridge sort of dishes, there are also various meat, fish dishes, salads and soups. Dishes cost from EUR 5 to 17, but on average are around EUR 7. The main chef is Deniss Ivankovs, who has worked all over the world including London and Paris.
Most of us decided to go for their daily special, which cost EUR 8.80 and included 2 dishes in smaller size, water, home baked bread and either tea or coffee. As part of these 2 smaller dishes, you could choose from various soups, salads and snacks and main course porridge (but not as you know it) dishes. I decided to go for one of the soups, chicken soup with beans and a confit of chicken leg, as well as green pearl barley porridge with porcini mushrooms and beef. The presentation of the dish that arrived was absolutely beautiful, and I was extremely impressed with how thought out every single detail was. The soup was amazing, you were given a small cup full of beans, and a glass full of the chicken soup, which I poured over the beans. The chicken soup had tons of flavour and the little chicken confit leg was extremely delicious and so nice to eat with the soup. I also got a small piece of corn to eat with the soup. The pearl barley with mushrooms and beef was equally delicious and served with pickled cucumber, perfect addition. The bread was ok though, served with a green salsa. I really enjoyed my dish, it was aesthetically pleasing and very enjoyable to eat.
My friends Zane, Marta and Olga also chose this daily special with different dishes, and you can see dishes of buckwheat with mushrooms and mushroom sauce, Caesar salad with prawns, their take on fish and chips with a nice looking piece of fish as well as creme brûlée. Everyone that had not been to Kasha before was positively impressed with the food. Girts ordered one of the more traditional porridges and Arturs ordered a tuna steak, nicely cooked medium, so it was still pink in the middle, served with all the other Nicoise salad ingredients. The only criticism that Girts had, was that the dish, pizza, he ordered for his young daughter was served on a block of wood, which for me is very trendy, but unpractical for a small child.
Overall I had a wonderful meal at Kasha. The reason why Arturs and Olga also like this place is because they sell artisan chocolate, which we also tried. Kasha/ Gourmet may not look of much from the outside, but the chef is very talented and creative and it was a pleasure to eat there, this was a very memorable meal in Riga, not too expensive, and not formal but delicious and casual.
date: 26/ 12/ 14
location: Riga
price for one person: around EUR 10/15

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Kasha/ Gourmet
Stabu iela 14 LV-1011
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