May 21 2013

Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill

This restaurant is named after a cat, The Savoy’s resident cat (a 3ft high feline sculpture) and the restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Savoy Hotel. The Savoy Hotel, post its redecoration, is just wonderful with a few dining areas and bars spread across the hotel, and Kaspar’s can be found straight ahead when you walk into the Savoy hotel and offers lovely views of the Thames (which I had a chance to see as I was sitting by one of the window tables). The restaurant is decorated in a wonderful aqua blue colour, and there is a bar with seafood on display in the middle of the room. Just like being in the Savoy Hotel, the whole dining experience at Kaspar’s seems very grand.

The menu at Kaspar’s is 1 page large sheet of paper and offers brasserie type of dishes, and like in many other brasseries and seafood restaurants you can have raw seafood (there is also a section on smoked and cured fish), starters, salads, main courses and grilled dishes. The main chef is Canadian-born James Pare. I ordered “Smoked brown shrimp and eel cocktail” as my starter, which I thought was very funky, as there was no prawn cocktail and instead this brown shrimp and eel cocktail. The general theme that I found with Kaspar’s just like with this brown shrimp and eel cocktail was that they were trying to be creative and funky and add a little extra to classical dishes which sometimes worked for me, but sometimes did not. The presentation of the dish was wonderful with little fennel shavings on top, and I did very much enjoy this, it was definitely more interesting than a normal prawn cocktail and tasted well. My dinner buddy Remy chose the “White asparagus with Egg and herb vinaigrette” and he is French and loves this sort of food and he said the dish was very good. I liked the white asparagus, they were soft and tasty, and I loved the tomatoes in the vinaigrette, but was not that keen on having egg there, but that is a personal preference. Overall simple, classic dish.

I was not feeling that hungry so I ordered another starter as my main course the steak tartare and Remy went for the “Dover sole with Brown butter caper sauce”, and as sides we all shared fries, mixed spring vegetables and mixed green salad.  I very much enjoyed the price of the sides, only £3 each, good value in Savoy, and they did give you a lot. My steak tartare was served with a soft poached egg on top and some toasts, and I was not a huge fan of the soft poached egg, think they should have specified in the menu there was going to be this soft poached egg, as I did not like the egg whites mixing around the plate, and would have much rather enjoyed the classical take just with the egg yolk. This is another example of Kaspar’s trying to be extra creative, but here it just did not work for me. I also did not think the meat in the steak tartare had enough seasoning. My mixed green salad was exactly what it said on the menu, just mixed green leaves with some olive oil, but a wonderful side for £3. I thought the fries were good, and many burger places should learn from Kaspar’s how to do good, tasty and uncomplicated fries. Also the mixed spring vegetables that featured beans, carrots and other root vegetables was very enjoyable. Remy’s fish that I also tasted was good, cooked well, for £34 it seems like it is an average price in London for a dover sole (I paid the same in Fish Marker, which is not nearly as pleasant as the Savoy Hotel in terms of the atmosphere) so if you like this sort of thing, Savoy did well.

The best dish though I thought was the desert. I did not order anything, but Remy ordered the “Valrhona manjari chocolate sphere with Passion fruit sensations”. First they brought you a pretty round chocolate ball and then the waiter poured warm passion fruit emulsion over the chocolate and it melted in a wonderful, artistic and pretty way. Not only was the presentation great, it was also very tasty, and all the elements went well together.

I loved the ambience of Kaspar’s, because I love the grandiose of the Savoy hotel and the style that the whole hotel is built in, but as for the food, Kaspar’s is not my favourite brasserie type of restaurant in London. I had a good, not a great, meal there.

Date: 21/05/2013
Price for 2 people with 2 glasses of wine and service charge: £158.63
Location: The Strand

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Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill
The Savoy Strand, WC2R 0EU
United Kingdom
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