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I absolutely loves this place in Istanbul, I have been here 3 times and every time I go to Istanbul I feel the biggest urge to go there, and every time I go there I overeat so much I can hardly walk after the meal, this place in my view serves the best traditional and casual kebabs and Turkish food in Istanbul. Kosebasi serves South Anatolian food and has been awarded many prizes, including the best kebabs in Istanbul by some restaurant critics. Note Kosebasi has become a sort of a chain these days with restaurants not only in Turkey but also with branches in Riyadh, Amsterdam, Bahrain and even Sao Paolo, but nevertheless I can't see this affecting the quality of the food in the Istanbul branch that I went to located in the financial district. 


We ate the "cig kofte" which was raw meatballs Prepared with scallions, fine bulghur wheat and onions. I would not have chosen this from the menu myself but my Turkish colleagues insisted I try some and the dish was slightly spicy and delicious (like a more interesting version of steak tartar which I like a lot). I also had the "findik lakmahun" which was a starter portion of thin Turkish meat pizza, and I love these Turkish type of pizzas so much every time I am in Turkey I have to have them. Kosebasi made them in a super delicious manner. We also had my absolutely favourite tomato dish ever - "gavurdagi", which is “a salad peculiar to Köşebaşı and prepared with tomato, onion, spices and pure lemon juice”. It is called Gavurdagı salad due to its origin from the Adana-Gavurdagı area. I love tomatoes (tomato soup is my favourite, I always have virgin Mary's in any bar, lounge, plane I can find them and I can eat tomatoes with anything non stop) and this dish is one of my favourite tomato dishes ever. Another spectacular salad that I loved was called "toros" which was “a light salad with special taste” which apparently you will find only at Köşebaşı made from spicy vegetables such as rocket, cress, green onion and green mint and presented with sour pomegranate syrup. We ate these salads with with Balon, a Köşebaşı classic, special Turkish pita. 


After we finished these and some other starters, like the eggplant salad and the yoghurt with garlic and pickles, which were both once again top class, we moved to kebabs. We had "Çöp Şiş" which was prepared with fat-free lamb meat “that is put in a special sauce for six hours” and the website says this dish has "a very special type of shish that is very soft and melting in mouth" and I agree. We also had a doner type of kebab, which once again was so amazing (and served with delicious pickles!) this has put me off doner kebabs in any other place. 


Kosebasi also serves one of my favourite deserts ever. Even though I am not always keen on deserts I can never ever say no to this amazing desert at Kosebasi - pumpkin, ice cream and nut combination desert, and I know this does not sound that nice, but it is the most mouth-watering thing you will ever taste. I also had some "dondurmali irmik" which was a semolina dessert with ice cream and pistachio and was served hot, also amazing and also tried a baklava style desert, which was delicious. 


If you are in Turkey and want authentic food you have to go to Kosebasi, but if you love food like me, beware you can easily overeat here. Don't expect an amazing view or ambience here though; you go simply for a great meal. 


Date: 08/03/2012

Location: Istanbul 


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