Apr 15 2014

Koya Bar


I love the Japanese noodle restaurant Koya in Soho, located on Frith street, which serves delicious udon noodle dishes (cold, hot, in soup) and Koya recently expanded and opened Koya Bar on the same street in Soho. Koya Bar though is not just the same restaurant further down the street, it has a slightly different menu and it focuses on breakfast dishes, so you can go there early in the morning for a delicious Japanese breakfast with rice or noodles. The one thing I miss about Japan and liked it there so much was the breakfast. I am a huge fan of having noodles or rice for breakfast as I feel it gives me the right sort of carbs to get me throughout the day. If I could find these sort of dishes in London for breakfast, I would be having a Japanese breakfast every day.
I went to Koya Bar with my friend Amala and we arrived at 11.45 and just managed to order from their breakfast menu (they switch to a lunch menu at 12.00). The breakfast menu is smaller and the lunch menu focuses more on lunch type of dishes. Koya Bar is small and has only 25 stools and you sit by a wood counter on one side and on the other side chefs are preparing delicious noodle dishes for you. Head chef is Shuko Oda. Breakfast dishes range from £7 to £14 (same as the lunch dishes). 
I ordered a Udon noodle dish with sweet tofu and spring onions called Kitsune, although the really cool dish to have is “English breakfast” which has udon noodles topped with fried egg, bacon and shiitake mushrooms. This is Koya’s fusion dish – Japanese and British breakfast fused together. I also ordered a side dish of marinated mushrooms (Kinoko Nametake). The udon noodles were delicious as was the broth but the tofu was slightly too sweet for me and I wish actually I would have waited a bit for the lunch menu and got a different savoury udon noodle dish (none of the breakfast udon dishes really appealed to me). The mushrooms were very nice and the portion was big.
Amala ordered one of their rice dishes, the “English Breakfast” + Okayu. Okayu is their rice porridge and it was served with fried egg, bacon and shitake mushrooms as well as a bowl of miso soup (another Japanese/ English fusion dish). But the dish to have here is the Yakizakana, which has grilled fish, rice, miso soup and pickles and which is the most traditional thing to have for breakfast in Japan (which I did have in Japan for breakfast). Amala did not like the Okayu (rice porridge) at all and did not eat it. He thought it was too watery and did not look that nice. He did finish though the bacon, egg and shitake mushrooms and seemed to like these.
I think Koya is a great place for a typical Japanese breakfast but the unfortunate thing during this visit was that I did not fully enjoy my dish and neither did Amala. But I would be very happy to come back and try the Yakizakana or one of their lunch dishes, which are similar to ones in Koya which I really like.
Date: 16/ 03/ 14
Location: Soho
Price for 2 people, no alcohol and with service charge: 26.80

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Koya Bar
49 Frith Street W1D 4SQ
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