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This is now one of my favourite places in London. I read an article about Kurobuta that said it was a sort of Japanese izkaya (a typical drinking place with food in Japan –and Kurobuta is a modern take on it) and booked a table. There are two Kurobuta restaurants now in London, one in Chelsea and one in Marble Arch and I went to the Marble Arch one as it was closer to me (and one of my friends was saying this one is nicer anyways).


Initially I did not like Kurobuta as during the day when I had my table booked, they called to confirm my reservation for 7pm and told me I only had 1h 30min for my dinner, which I thought was really pushing it, as even the strictest restaurants in London give you 2h, but as they bring the food so quickly we did not actually stay there for the whole 1h 30min, but if you do want to stay longer this place is not for you. The décor is trendy, it does not resemble anything I saw in Japan, it resembles more of a cool trendy place from New York. You can sit by tables or by bar stools and we were given a table.


The food was sensational and it all started with the most amazing menu. Usually I can choose what to have pretty quickly, but not in Kurobuta… here I spend ages looking at the menu and wanted everything. This is why I am so keen to go back, to have more dishes that I did not have on this occasion. The menu is divided into these sections: snacks, cold raw salad, robata bbq, junk food Japan, something crunchy, significant others, maki, sushi and sides. The waitress recommended we chose 6 dishes in total and then just share them (I could have ordered way more had my boyfriend let me). First I was very keen on a “Junk food Japan” dish as I love this sort of mix of Japanese and junk, as Japanese cuisine mostly is as far away from unhealthy as you can find. I ordered “tuna sashimi pizza, truffle ponzu, red onion and green chillies”. It was not like a pizza you would imagine. The base was not pizza base, it was crunchy like a mix of a crunchy crisp and cookie but savoury and really nice. Unusual to have healthy sashimi on this sort of base but it worked and I liked it. I was also keen on a robata bbq dish “bbq pork belly in steamed buns with spicy peanut sauce”. Super delicious. The only thing that slightly let it down was that the pork had quite a bit of fat on it, but apart from that was amazing. Lovely Japanese style sandwich/ burger, delicious. After craving these unhealthy things, I also wanted something from the “cold raw salad” section to make myself feel better so I ordered “grains and greens salad with honey soy ginger dressing”. Good salad with delicious dressing although I would have liked to see more greens and less grains but that is my personal preference.


My boyfriend ordered healthier things “salmon gravadlax and avocado maki with dill mayo” (from the maki section), “beer grilled beef with wasabi salsa” and “miso grilled baby chicken with spicy lemon garlic sauce” (both from the robata bbq section). Extremely creative to use salmon gravadlax. Initially I was not too keen on him ordering sushi as the rest of the menu looked so amazing I did not want to use one of our 6 dish slots on sushi, but it was delicious. They do sushi well. I found the sauce of the miso grilled baby chicken incredible and in general the seasoning was amazing. This is probably my favourite dish, but a lot of dishes come close, everything was so good. Beef was tender and equally delicious with the shitaki mushrooms.


At the end they brought me the wrong bill (which I did not pay and corrected them), but this (as well as the 1h 30min slot) does not distract me from how amazing this food was. Creative, interesting and delicious. Highly recommend this place.


Date: 23/ 05/ 14

Location: Marble Arch

Price for 2 people with a bottle of beer and service charge: around £75

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I came here once again last week (14th May 2015) and I still like the place but I ended up paying £140 for 2 people for a casual thursday dinner with drinks, which I think is expensive. So whilst I still like the restaurant I downgrade my rating from 4.5Ms to 4Ms due to the prices that I think are a touch too high for the food.

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