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I am a member of the Arts Club and have been going there for many years now, but during a recent visit with my friends one of my friends Katrina told me that, after I left, she stumbled upon a new Japanese restaurant in the Arts Club on the 2nd floor. I had not heard of any Japanese restaurant in the Arts Club so I was very shocked about this as I thought I knew all the things going on there, so next time when I went there I took the elevator up to the 2nd floor and saw this Japanese restaurant which is called Kyubi. Kyubi has not been open for long, only a few months, hence people don’t really yet know about it and they don’t really advertise it much.
Kyubi means a nine tailed fox and their logo shows this fox in a Japanese outfit with an umbrella. The restaurant is very small and once you exit the elevator on the 2nd floor (there are no stairs) you are inside the restaurant. The restaurant features some tables but most of the seating is arranged around the open kitchen where you can watch Japanese chefs prepare mouth-watering dishes. I went there for dinner with my boyfriend and one of his friends that was over in London from Hong Kong and when we arrived at 7pm on a Friday evening we were the only guests there and got a lot of attention from the 9 people staff that were there who were so bored they kept changing our plates the whole time, pouring us tea and coming over to us all the time. When we left there were two other tables occupied but overall it was empty, but then again it was just after New Year’s and the whole of Arts Club was quite empty.
The menu was not big, on two pieces of paper and definitely smaller than in Zuma and Nobu. The menu featured sushi, sashimi, specially glazed sashimi, tempura, side dishes and salads as well as some main course more substantial dishes. I think this is one of the most expensive Japanese restaurants in London, and all the dishes were super expensive. One of the dishes we ordered was toro (fatty tuna) sashimi which was glazed with a special sauce and they gave us 4 pieces and the dish cost £20 so I was telling my boyfriend each time he put the tuna in his mouth it cost us £5.
Before our meal we also got a nice small plate with complimentary sea bream with pickled mushrooms and onions which was very delicious. Besides the expensive tuna, we also ordered some edamame, two rolls, one with eel and one with tuna, as well as some sushi, Japanese pickled vegetables, miso soup, tempura and two main courses. The edamame was ok, nothing different to edamame in other Japanese restaurants. The sushi and rolls were delicious. The rolls seemed better value and on average were £7 but the sushi was expensive and started at £4.5 a piece for a piece of salmon sushi. The fish and the quality of sushi and rolls were excellent, they were delicious but this is the sort of food you want to enjoy and eat and get someone else to pay for it, because the bill will make you cry.
The Japanese pickled vegetables were excellent, some of the best pickled vegetables I have had. The miso soup was ok, good but nothing too remarkable but the seaweed salad we ordered was good. It had loads of different types of seaweed and had a nice dressing. we also ordered prawn tempura as well as a special type of tempura where they fry many ingredients together inside the batter and it had prawns, scallops and nori seaweed. I was not too keen on the more complicated tempura mainly because it seemed to be a bit more fried and unhealthy but the prawn tempura was excellent. The batter was light and perfect and the prawns inside delicious.
The main courses seemed better value for money and they gave you a huge plate of food for an average £20-25. We ordered duck with teriyaki sauce which was a dish I can say was actually good value for money in this restaurant as they gave you plenty of perfectly cooked delicious duck with a lovely sauce and leeks. The chicken dish that my boyfriend chose was equally good and also great value for money, served on some green beans and with a pleasant sauce. These main courses were a lovely end to the meal.
Kyubi does serve very good food, but as it is so expensive and as there is not that much of an atmosphere there yet as it is empty I can’t give it more than 4Ms.
Date: 03/ 01/ 14
Price for 3 people without alcohol: £204.87
Location: Mayfair

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Arts Club, 40 Dover Street W1S 4NP
United Kingdom
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