May 27 2012

La Casona

My boyfriend and I had arrived to Puno, small town in Peru, and we wanted to go for dinner. I checked my very trusted Frommers guide for suggestions and it did not speak very highly of any restaurant in Puno, but the one that stood out was La Casona, which calls itself a "museum-restaurant". It was hard to find La Casona as the Frommers guide had made a mistake in one of their maps, so we went to the wrong place looking for La Casona, but in the end we found it on the busiest Puno street. La Casona means big house and you enter the door from the street and then have to walk upstairs to the restaurant. To be honest with you it did look old school with a nice Spanish charm with lace tablecloths, high wooden chairs, but I had very different expectations when they said it was a “museum restaurant” as there were not that many things to look at really. It had some antiques and religious canvasses, but not enough to make you feel as if you were sitting in a very memorable dining room. La Casona opened in 1990, but has been in the current premises since 2011.

we were the only people in the restaurant and I think this was because it was so hard to find this restaurant, and the other restaurants on the same main street in Puno were full of people as they were located on the street level. When we were seated the waiter brought us some corn, and this is when my boyfriend and I first tried and fell in love with Peruvian corn. Ever since, we always order corn in all Peruvian restaurants and eat it whenever we see it, so this restaurant is definitely special for addicting us to this corn.

The menu has traditional Peruvian dishes as well as pizza and pasta to accommodate for the tourists, but as I had read in my Frommers guide that their specialty was trout and kingfish (pejerrey), we had to have both, so as a starter I ordered the “Cebiche de trucha” or a trout ceviche full of small pieces of trout marinated in lime juice and chili cream, served with onion, sweet potato and roasted corn, and my boyfriend got some “Tequeños” which were Rolls stuffed with cheese, served with guacamole sauce. They gave you a lot of trout and this was not like a ceviche that you have in London or in some posh Peruvian restaurant with thinly sliced fish seasoned in the lime sauce, this ceviche had huge chunks of trout. I personally did not think this trout was that fresh or that tasty, and it did not work in a ceviche to have such large chuncks but overall a good attempt. The Tequeños were okeyish and I had a few. As for the main course I chose the kingfish which was served with yellow pepper sauce (very typical in Peru we later found out) and pisco, and served with sautéed potatoes and vegetables. I also did not really like this fish that much and that is also probably because it did not taste that great. My boyfriend saw they had on the menu alpaca, the animal from which you can make nice jumpers, and he got very excited and ordered the grilled Alpaca tenderloin served with French fries and vegetables. The alpaca was ok, but don’t remember it being as particularly delicious and not sure if that is because it is not an amazing meat or because they did not really know how to prepare it.

This is an ok place to eat in Puno, but don’t expect anything much.

Date: 27/05/13
Location: Puno (in Peru)

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La Casona
Calle Lima 423 (2do Piso)
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