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La Fromagerie


La Fromagerie is a cheese, vegetable, dry food and much more shop in Marylebone that also has a very nice café within the premises. I live around Maryebone and I have been extremely impressed with La Fromagerie produce for years. La Fromagerie has two locations one, in Highbury and one in Marylebone (I have not been to the Highbury store) and the first shop (in Highbury) opened in 1992, and 10 years later the Marylebone branch opened.

The most impressive thing about La Fromagerie is the cheese maturing cellars and their signature walk-in cheese rooms. They have a whole room which is separated from the rest of the shop/ restaurant, which is colder in temperature to accommodate all the cheese they sell in there from more than 13 different countries. It is huge and you will likely find every possible cheese imaginable there. I have not taken pictures of this cheese shop, but if you are looking for a rare cheese, or are a massive cheese lover, this place is a must visit. The cheese shop was set up by Patricia Michelson who fell in love with cheese when she was skiing in Meribel. Patricia not only owns these restaurants but also now has published 2 books – “The Cheese Room” and “Cheese”.

Besides the amazing cheese La Fromagerie also sells a wide variety of beautiful fruits and vegetables. Seasonal produce is delivered each week from the markets in Italy, France and various farms in the UK (every time I go into La Fromagerie they have different fruits and vegetables to offer). They sell beautiful produce like various colourful tomatoes, which I buy when I want to impress guests, purple carrots, violet aubergines and many more. Besides fresh fruit and vegetables they also sell a wide variety of dried snacks and various delicatessen snacks. In 2010 they launched their own label biscuits, specially designed to complement their farmhouse cheese.

I had been to the La Fromagerie shop many many times and always wanted to visit their café/ restaurant at the back of the room, but never managed to until I had breakfast/ brunch there one day at 11.00 with my friend Katrina. La Fromagerie café is quite casual with wooden tables and chairs with some tables being communal. The menu is a bit more “funky” than your average breakfast menu and has more cheese dishes than other breakfast/ brunch restaurants (would be a surprise if it didn’t). The menu has dishes with musli and granola, fruit, as well as bakery produce, and then also offers 9 larger breakfast/ brunch dishes. They did not have any of the typical eggs benedict, royal etc breakfast dishes other restaurants often have on the menu.

I chose to eat the La Fromagerie toasted cheese sandwich which had farmhouse cheese and you could add either vine tomatoes or roast ham for £3.95 (I chose the vine tomatoes). Katrina and I also each ordered boiled egg with soldiers (£3.95 for 1 egg or £4.95 for 2) which included Rocket farm (from Sussex) chicken eggs, which were served with butter, salt, pepper and bread. Katrina also went for the “farmhouse breakfast”, the closest there was on the menu to a large English breakfast (but not similar at all), which had various cheeses – 2 cow’s cheeses and 1 goats as well as charcutterie (saucisson, prosciutto), yoghurt, bread and farmhouse butter.

The cheese sandwich I ordered was quite pleasant, just what it said it was going to be, well toasted with nice and fresh tomatoes and full of cheese. The boiled egg with soldiers was a bit disappointing, as the egg that I got was quite hard and it defeats the purpose of having bread there as you can’t dip it in the runny egg yolk, as this egg did not have it. Even though Katrina especially asked for a runny yolk, she also got quite a hard yolk. The condiments, butter, salt, pepper, were a nice touch to the dish. Katrina’s farmhouse breakfast was quite similar to my ideal breakfast, I love eating cheese and charcutterie with bread for breakfast. The cheese was delicious (as you would expect from a cheese shop), same as the charcuttierie and the yoghurt was a nice, healthy touch.

I would give the La Fromagerie shop 4Ms or higher (only problem with it is that it is expensive and you do pay up for all the luxury produce), but the actual restaurant gets 3Ms. The atmosphere, being among the shop items is great, and the food is nice and unusual, and great for cheese lovers, but there was something missing, I don’t think they fully utilized all their amazing produce that you can see in the shop, in their dishes. They do change their menu for lunch and dinner though, so I think I need to come back and review their more substantial food as well.

Date: 24/ 01/ 15
Price for 2 people, no alcohol (as it is breakfast): £34.35
Location: Marylebone

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La Fromagerie
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