May 3 2014

La Kanna

La Kanna is a very pleasant café in Riga that not only serves good coffee and drinks but also reasonably priced European/ International type of food. I am usually in Riga on weekends and La Kanna attracted my attention as it serves a very good brunch on Saturdays and Sundays up until 15.00 (from 10am).  Finding a brunch place two years ago in Riga was very hard, but recently a lot of restaurants have started offering brunch, which is a very popular meal abroad and now also in Riga. We don’t even have a Latvian name for this and also call it brunch (the English word), which shows how recent this trend is and that we have borrowed this word.

La Kanna has a beautiful décor. The walls are light brown, the furniture is dark brown and there are some brightly blue painted walls which creates a wonderful colour harmony. It is a very pleasant place to have a coffee or a small meal, and it feels way more cosy and pleasant than some of the coffee chains in Riga. It has an unusual but very modern and at the same time harmonious décor.

We arrived at La Kanna at 13.00 on a Saturday and wanted to have their brunch. A big difference between an average Latvian brunch place and a brunch restaurant in London is that in London you order a dish just like you would with any other breakfast, lunch, dinner type of dish, but in Latvia most places have a wide choice of food already laid out on the table and you pay a fixed price and then go and just put on your plate the food you like and want to eat and eat as much as you like. In addition to the already laid out food most places also cook eggs or an omelette or pancakes and serve this in addition to the ready available food without any extra cost.

The brunch at La Kanna cost EUR9 and I think it was good value for money. La Kanna offered traditional Latvian food and more European type of things. It had different salads, Latvian salad “rosols” as well as European type of vegetable salads. You could also have boiled eggs and toasts and I especially liked the pickle and the herring selection. In additional to the things found on the table, I also had an omelette with peppers and courgettes that a waiter cooked in front of me, which was good. My boyfriend also really enjoyed it and filled his plate a few times.

This brunch is very similar to the brunch another Latvian café (Innocent Café MMM) serves, which I have also reviewed. The vibe is different, in La Kanna it was mainly foreigners having brunch when we were there (there was no Latvian spoken there at all), and the décor is more mellow, but in Innocent Café most of the people there are Latvian and the barristas are very trendy and the food is a tiny bit more unusual (they had a green cold soup once, like a green gazpacho), but does not mean I like it more, it is just more unusual. Both cafes are very good brunch places in Riga and if you are in Riga and fancy brunch, I would recommend both.

Date: 03/ 05/ 14
Price for 4 people without alcohol but with coffee and juice: a bit above EUR20
Location: Riga

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La Kanna
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