Mar 31 2012

La Trompette


La Trompette is a 1 Michelin star French restaurant in Chiswick. It is owned by Nigel Platts-Martin and Bruce Poole, who also own Chez Bruce in Wandsworth (which I have been to and really like) and The Glasshouse in Kew, and they say themselves they serve “some of the best food in London but without the formality or prices”, which I am not sure I agree with. 

I went to La Trompette with my boyfriend and another couple and as my starter I ordered tuna, which came in a block of tuna with some nice salad on top, but the salad was not enough, so it was like eating just tune (and even though I like tune not sure this is supposed to be amazing cooking).  For the main course I had monkfish, which I surprisingly found quite tasteless, and prawns on bed of noodles with peas and courgettes. The presentation was good, just the whole food lacked flavour in my view. You can also see pictures of the other dishes my friends ordered, rabbit lasagne, which I also was not a huge fan of, salade paysanne, chicken and cod, which all looked great but as I said the taste was just a bit too plain for me. The ingredients used are good, but I was just expecting a bit more taste, and I don’t really understand the hype about La Trompette. 

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La Trompette Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 2.5