Jul 10 2013

La Viña


La Viña is a lovely restaurant in the middle of the Hague, in the Netherlands. La Viña opened in the 70s as a sherry bodega / tapas bar but has now been turned into a restaurant. I really liked the inside of the restaurant, as it was all wooden, and had that sort of pleasant rustic feel. The restaurant is operated by the Opgenhaeffen brothers, who I think I met and who were very nice creating a warm atmosphere.

The menu features European style of dishes, good quality fish and meat both for starters and main courses. I was there with Hugo and Ivo and Hugo chose “Scallops in tomato-fennel extract” and he got 3 scallops in a broth and he liked it, and Ivo ordered “Veal roast with salsa of tomato, feta and basil”, which I thought looked very good, they gave you quite a lot of veal, and I tasted a bit of it and really enjoyed it. I did not want any of their starters from the menu, but just asked for a plain salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce, which they produced for me. It was extremely simple, but that is exactly what I wanted.

As for the main course Ivo and Hugo both ordered “Pan fried sole with watercress sauce” which was served with tagliatelle, and I personally thought it was a bit strange to serve the fish with vegetables and pasta like that, but the boys finished their meal. I tried some of the pasta and it was quite dry. I ordered “Grilled steak of lamb, risotto with parma ham”, and I very much enjoyed the rice with vegetables and parma ham and also liked the lamb. It was a good piece of lamb, they were not stingy with the portion, served it rare/ medium just like I wanted it. Hugo was not satisfied with just eating his portion and also had a bit of my lamb and liked it.

Ivo noted that the service in Holland is not great and when we were served the waiters sort of did it in a not too attentive manner, but as I explained to Ivo, I don’t really mind, and as long as the waiters are not bad and don’t ignore us and I don’t really mind they are not taking extra care, but do note this is not an amazing service restaurant, but then again few restaurants in Holland are.

I very much enjoyed the lunch at La Viña, I loved the relaxing atmosphere inside the restaurant and I liked the food and the big portions and the unpretentious way they would serve very good dishes.

Date: 10/ 07/ 13
Price for 3 people with a glass of wine and no service charge: EUR132.75
Location: The Hague

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La Viña
Theresiastraat 39
The Hague
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