Mar 30 2012

Lahore Restaurant


This is one of my favourite casual restaurants in London. Lahore Restaurant serves Pakistan food and the original Lahore Restaurant (there are many other Lahore Restaurants and Lahore Kebab House with 2 branches) has been open for more than 40 years and is located just of Lisson Grove in St John's wood. 


Lahore Restaurant does great curries, very good lamb cutlets that we always order and chicken, and for casual Pakistan food, this is one of the best places in London in my view. You can see pictures of food from my various visits to Lahore and you can see lamb chops, cooked chicken which both were nicely spiced, and the quality of the lamb was good, and it was not too fattening, which you can get in some other even more expensive restaurants. You can also see pictures of a variety of curries, and all the curries I have had there have been great and are big enough for 2 people to share. You can also see poppadoms, which I always order when I go there, and they bring these with 2 different sauces and some vegetable. 


The food is also not expensive and they don’t serve alcohol, so you have to bring your own bottles, and another thing that I love is the fact that they don’t add service charge (which so many restaurants in London do these days), and you can leave as much as you like. I think the food is extremely delicious and great value for money. It is not a posh place at all, and down to earth, no white tablecloths, you sit by very casual wooden tables, and you sometimes have to try to get the attention of the staff, but the atmosphere is good, as it is always full of people enjoying their food, and I actually like these sort of down to earth restaurants. 


Date: 28/09/12

Price for 2 people, no service charge, no alcohol: £30

Location: St John's Wood

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Lahore Restaurant
3-4 Gateforth St, UK NW8
United Kingdom
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