Jun 26 2013

Landgasthof Schmid


This restaurant and hotel is located in a small German town Wolferszell, in the south east Germany, in between Munich and the Czech Republic. My mother and I were driving through this town and we decided to stop here for a late lunch or early dinner at 5pm. The hotel has ok rooms according to my mum, she has stayed here, and the dining area is casual and great for a quick and cheap lunch or dinner.

The restaurant serves typical German food and I had a goulash soup and my mum had an asparagus soup and I thought both were very tasty and cost around EUR3, which I thought was great value for money, considering how much they gave you and both soups were genuinely tasty. I had a similar goulash soup in Bodo Schloss in London recently where I paid much more and got much less. I ordered a snitzel for my main course which was served with a plate of salad which was ok, and some fries which were ok as well (some great burger restaurants in London do worse fries). The snitzel was good too although a bit too thick in terms of the meat and also breadcrumbs, so not the best snitzel, but a decent attempt for EUR8. My mum ordered asparagus with ham, potatoes and hollandaise sauce for her main course which also was a great dish considering it was EUR8, and they gave you a lot of everything.

If you are ever driving past this little town (chances of this are small I know), this is a good place to stop by that will give you a lot of traditional food for your money, which will be very good.

Date: 26/06/13
Price for 2 people, without alcohol and without service charge: EUR 25.30 (and I left EUR27)
Location: German countryside

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Landgasthof Schmid
Chamer Straße 1, 94377 Steinach
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