Sep 13 2012

Landmark Hotel, The


I am sure that if you invest in financial shares you will know where the Landmark hotel is as Merrill Lynch holds their flagship financials conference there. But note I did not go there whilst the conference was on, so did not gate crash it, I went there a few weeks before. Landmark hotel is located very close to my flat and it is a wonderful place to go for a drink, which I have done on many occasions, and I have some lovely memories associated with this hotel, but when I went last time a few weeks ago was the first time when I had food in the Landmark hotel in their big reception area, called the “winter garden”. The decoration within the Landmark hotel is beautiful and in the “winter garden” you are sitting beneath an eight-storey glass roof atrium and it has lovely palm trees and lights. I was not expecting much from the food and it did surprise me in a good way. At first the waiter brought us some bread with extremely delicious 3 dips, I liked them so much I asked for more when I had finished the first set. All restaurants in my view should offer things like this. Afterwards as neither me nor my dinner buddy were feeling too hungry, we decided to share 2 starters and have some “lobster risotto with saffron, watercress and baby basil” and the “Heritage tomato salad with goats cheese with lemon and herbs, Regent’s park honey, basil vinaigrette”. The lobster risotto was delicious and one of the best risottos I have had. It had huge chunks of delicious and good quality lobster on top of the risotto, which was smooth and very tasty. I loved this. As for the heritage tomato salad, I though the actual tomatoes were nice and I always like it when restaurants use different shape and color tomatoes for this salad, but for £9 this was probably the most expensive tomato dish I have had (the only other time when I have complained about a tomatoe salad was in Terroirs where I also thought it was hugely overpriced), and for £9 you can have a proper and delicious main course in many other restaurants. Also the goats cheese tasted strange, I am usually a huge fan of goats cheese and here I did not think the taste was that nice or that it went particularly well with the tomatoes, so not a brilliant dish. But nevertheless the winter garden is a beautiful and quite a romantic place where to have a meal.


Date: 13/09/12

Price for 2 with some gin & tonic cocktails and service charge: 119.50

location: Marylebone 


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The Landmark hotel
222 Marylebone Road, NW1 6JQ
United Kingdom
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