Jun 24 2014

Langan’s Brasserie


Langan’s Brasserie surprised me. I did not expect it to be as good as it was. For a long long time I had no interest in going there, as it looked like it had been there for many years and I thought it was one of these restaurants living on formal glory and not actually being any good. Also it does not look that attractive from the outside and one of my lunch buddies Felipe said he thought it was similar to something like Garfunkels with the bright red sign outside.

Langan’s Brasserie is indeed very old. It is located in Mayfair, just by Green Park station and was first opened in 1976 by Peter Langan and has hosted celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, Mohammed Ali and more. It is also particularly famous for its artwork, walls are adorned with works by artists David Hockney, Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon and more. They also apparently don’t rush people at Langan’s Brasserie and you can enjoy your lunch as long as you want to, they don’t have two or more seatings.

I came here on a Tuesday for lunch and I was surprised how full it was, it was buzzing. Also it was more like a restaurant in its interior and service and décor than a brasserie. The menu apparently has changed little since they first opened and it has those classical British and French dishes you want to eat. The prices are also reasonable considering you are in Mayfair and starters are £10 on average and main courses £20.

I ordered the traditional French fish soup as my starter which was served with toasted bread, cheese and that typical mayonnaise like sauce. The soup was super delicious but also extremely heavy. The other starters my lunch buddies ordered were equally impressive – “Heritage tomato & buffalo mozzarella salad with basil dressing” with colourful tomatoes and a huge portion and “Smoked eel, new potatoes, spring onion & frissee salad with horseradish”, and my lunch buddy Hugo that ordered it was seriously excited to find eel in a British/ French restaurant as usually you just see it smoked in Japanese restaurants. The starter of “Smoked Scotch salmon” served with bread and lemon was probably the least impressive but still good. I was also so positively surprised about the portion size. Usually in these expensive Mayfair restaurants the portions are quite small and here they were above average.

My main course was “Langan's fish pie” which was creamy and tasty althoyugh I did not personally like the fact it had egg in it. The potato crust on top of it was beautifully done. I also could not finish the whole thing after my big starter, once again the portion was substantial. The other dishes looked beautiful as well “Grilled Dover sole with parsley butter”, a big piece of fish, “Grilled fillet of sea bream with crab & tomato risotto, sauce vierge” that seemed like it had been cooked to perfection and “Grilled veal paillard with rosemary butter”. The sides cost £4 on average and we ordered three, spinach, green beans in Lyonaisse style and summer cabbage. All my lunch buddies were very impressed with this restaurant and did not expect this sort of good food.

I really do recommend Langan’s Brasserie for lunch or dinner for classical dishes done well, expensive art and for big portions.

Date: 24/ 06/ 14
Location: Mayfair
Price: I don’t know I left before the bill was paid

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