May 4 2012



L'Arpege is the 16th best restaurant in the world according to the world restaurant awards and has 3 Michelin stars, so I was very excited to go there! L’Arpege is located in Paris and is run by  Alain Passard who has a 2.5 hectare biodynamic garden some 200km south-west of Paris where he grows his own vegetables which he serves in the restaurant. First thing I did is almost fall of my beautiful chair when I saw the prices on the menu … starters are EUR60 on average and mains EUR100, which is pretty punchy, even for top restaurants (as I remember paying much less at Dinner, which is now the 9th best restaurant in the world). But after having tasted the food it is kind of worth the price. This place is a vegetarians paradise!!! The menu consists of mainly vegetables (they have super nice meat and fish as well but the focus is on vegetables, they even have a tasting menu of many dishes all made out of different vegetables) and I can honestly say I have never tasted more delicious or fresh vegetables in my life (and I come from Latvia where we take great pride in growing our vegetables)!! As a starter I had ravioli filled with vegetables in an asparagus flavored broth, which was divine!!! I have never tasted a more tender or delicious ravioli pasta and the vegetables inside were amazing! As for the main course I had the chefs selection of vegetables, and I have never been happier or felt more amazed by vegetables! Also see in the pictures the little amuse bouche of radishes they got for us as well as a starter of spinach and a main course of lamb that my dinner buddies had! I tasted it all and all was amazing. Another cool thing about the place is that the big sharp knife with the initials of the place that you use throughout the meal you can take home with you as a souvenir

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84 Rue de Varenne 75007
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