Mar 9 2013

L'Autre Pied


Every year by using my credit card I accumulate points, which I can spend on various things, and last year I decided to use my points for a Michelin star dining voucher. Out of all the places where I could redeem my voucher, I chose L’Autre Pied, as it is quite close to where I live in Marylebone and also was one of the few restaurants that offered to accept the voucher on weekends (in most other restaurants you could only redeem the voucher on weekdays). L’Autre Pied has 1 Michelin star and is the sister restaurant of Pied a Terre, another Michelin star restaurant which has 2 stars. L’Autre Pied opened in 2007 under the main chef Marcus Eaves, but he has now gone (to Pied a Terre) and Andy McFadden has replaced him.
We went to L’Autre Pied on Saturday for lunch and when we entered the room which has 53 seats and most tables quite close to each other the room was quite empty with only a few other tables taken. It did fill up a bit more by the time we had finished our meal, but it was not full so I think you can just do walk ins, in this restaurant. As part of our offer we were given a 5 course tasting menu and also a glass of fizz, which was prosecco. The waitress first offered us some bread and I chose a lovely nice olive bread which had a lot of olives and was tasty, my boyfriend chose a small baguette. When we later wanted the same bread, it turned out the kitchen had not baked more and we had to wait 10 minutes for the new bread to be baked. Also the waitress seemed a bit careless and one time when I asked for bread she just ignored me and just left.
Our amuse bouche had celeriac and chives in it, and I thought it was average. Our first course was “ceviche of hand dived scallops, black quinoa, crème fraiche, radishes, fennel and dill”, and there were a lot of ingredients in the small portion and my favourite thing was eating the black quinoa with scallops, and I thought this was interesting but overall I don’t think this was a great dish, it just was not that tasty. The next course was “veloute of Jerusalem artichoke, roscoff onions, parsley oil and hazelnuts”, and I did not particularly like this dish as well, as the onions were very overpowering and there was a lot of them and the veloute of artichokes I thought was a tiny bit bland, so the whole overall taste did not work for me. Next came our third course “Cornish pollock with black quinoa, blood orange, cauliflower and pine nuts” and once again I liked the idea of using black quinoa but the dish was just average. Our last main course was “sika deer cooked in cocoa and juniper, black pudding, beetroot and watercress”. The meet was extremely tender and nice, but I could not really taste the cocoa and juniper it was cooked in. The flavour of this dish was extremely overpowering and the flavour was too bold for me. I liked the beetroot and I liked the black pudding, and the meat was nice as well as I said, but the whole thing together was a tiny bit too much for me. After our main course we got a “pre desert” which was apple foam and passion fruit ice cream, topped with pistachio nuts and I did like it, although nothing earth shattering about the dish. Our desert was “pineapple carpaccio with coconut, yoghurt and lime” and the pineapple was interesting but had a slight taste of canned pineapple and it was just an average desert that is not very memorable.
I clearly can see L’Autre Pied is making an effort in terms of presentation of their dishes and also by using all the different ingredients in their dishes, but the taste most of the time just does not work for me. And because the dishes are not particularly tasty even though the ingredients are varied, the whole dish is forgetful and I am sure if I was looking at the pictures of these dishes in a few months’ time I would have no idea what they were.
Date: 09/03/13
Location: Marylebone
Price: £13 (what I paid for service and water as the meal was free due to my voucher)

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L'Autre Pied
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