Jun 27 2012

Le Ciel

Le Ciel is a restaurant located on the top  (7th) floor in Grand Hotel Wien in Austria and serves French food with Austrian accents. The terrace on the top floor as well as the whole interior of the restaurant are very beautiful and have that amazing, old, beginning of the last century feel with beautifully presented art deco furniture. I ended up in Le Ciel having dinner because of my work and as it was quite a few of us so we had a set menu. First arrived the amuse bouche followed by the starter of “barilotto di bufala cheese with avocado, green santolina, romaine lettuce and red onions”, and the funny thing here is that part of the name of the dish is in Italian, when they say they are a French/ Austrian restaurant, I just found this quite funny. Nevertheless the starter was superb, I really enjoyed it. Next followed the whitefish in asparagus coat with lavender-asparagus vinaigrette. Here once again the fish was delicious but what was really good and impressive was the lavender- asparagus vinaigrette as it did really taste like lavender and I don’t think I have ever tasted such an interesting combination. For the desert we had the strawberry dumplings with nougat cream and rhubarb ice cream, and my Austrian friends told me the dumplings are a very traditional Austrian dish and you use various ingredients to fill them, such as strawberries in this particular dish. The desert was amazing, initially I thought I did not want to finish it as I was feeling quite full, but as it was so nice, I finished the whole thing. We finished the meal with some “mignardises”, little pieces of desert. Overall I was very surprised by the dishes in this restaurant, everything was extremely tasty, and I loved the creative touch that you could feel in all the dishes. 

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Le Ciel
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