Nov 12 2013

Le Gourmet


Le Gourmet is a Lebanese restaurant located in the Souq Waqif food strip, old part of Doha, Qatar. The restaurant was opened in 2005 and besides Lebanese food also serves international food and is apparently known for its good shisha, which I did not try.

My friend Rob had come and had dinner here on the top of the building, 2nd floor of the restaurant, a few years ago and he really liked it (although said this was one of those restaurants that did not serve alcohol). We had some time in between our meetings in Doha so we decided to stop there for a quick lunch, as we had already spent quite a bit of time in the financial district of Doha and not enough in the souq part.

The top few floors where Rob wanted to sit were not yet open and you could only sit on the ground floor and we were sitting on the ground floor, outside, under sun umbrellas. The restaurant’s chairs and tables were quite plain but all of us enjoyed the general experience of eating in the middle of the souq with Aladdin type of buildings surrounding us and enjoying the sun, and all of us agreed that this added a small little m (or M) to the rating.

We did not want any international food and Ahmed and I ordered some Lebanese dishes that we shared. Ahmed ordered “makanek”, small Lebanese sausages with lemon which he did not like at all, and he said they were very poor. I also did not find them particularly inspiring. We also had a meat pastry, sambousik, which the men did not try as both of them were trying to be healthy and said they did not eat any fried stuff, and I tasted one, and thought it was ok, but Ahmed said that because they were perfect shape and all the same they had been bought and then fried and not homemade. Another dish that was not too inspiring was “fattouch”. I usually love this Lebanese salad and here it just totally lacked any flavour and was super boring.

The dishes that were ok were “Grilled hallumi cheese”, “Hummus with meat”, “Vine leaves” and the main course of grilled chicken that we shared. Rob loves hummus, so he was eating it with pitta bread and being very happy and satisfied. The hallumi cheese was just like it should be, slightly salty, also pre bought and just grilled, but I like it. Vine leaves were ok, not too inspiring or good but not bad too. The main course of grilled chicken was served with fries (why??? Why not use rice??) and was topped with Lebanese pizza that had pitta bread topped with parsley and onion, very nice and I liked eating the chicken (this was nice) with the pizza.

Overall Ahmed was very critical of the food. He did think the bill was very cheap, so it sort of made up for it, but he was saying this was not great Lebanese food and he has had much better and he was not impressed and he even wanted to give this restaurant 1M. I do agree the food was not amazing, but it was not awful, and the nice atmosphere sort of slightly made it better and does increase the rating.

Date: 12/ 11/ 13
Location: Doha
Price for 3 people, no alcohol and no service charge: QR155 (around £26)

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Le Gourmet
Al Jasra Le Gourmet Restaurant
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