Jul 23 2013

Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons


My amazing boyfriend was observing the Latvian celebration of my namesday and had bought me a present, a day in Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons where I attended a Clarins make-up session, Raymond Blanc cookery school and which finished with a wonderful lunch.

Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons is a luxury hotel and restaurant in the village of Great Multon, near Oxford in Oxfordshire. The hotel is absolutely beautiful and like a small cute and beautiful cottage located in a historic manor house. The rooms are not cheap and the cheapest one is around £600, and it also features the famous chef’s Raymod Blanc’s restaurant with his own vegetable garden next to Le Manoir where he grows quite a few of the things he later cooks in his restaurant. We visited the two-acre vegetable garden after our meal, and it was so interesting to see 90 types of vegetable and 70 varieties of herbs all grow there.

Raymond Blanc’s restaurant has 2 Michelin stars and it scored 9/10 in the Good Food Guide and has a capacity to seat 260 guests per day, a lot. Raymond Blanch is French so his restaurant serves French food, and despite being self-taught he is now one of the most famous chefs in Britain.

As my boyfriend had bought me a special day at Le Manoir we had a set lunch and could not chose the dishes to have, but all the dishes we had feature on Le Manoir’s a la carte menu, so I thought I could still review it. The disadvantage of having this set menu thought is that they served me things that I would not have usually chosen to have in a restaurant. We were seated not in the main restaurant but in a private dining room and it was beautiful with perfectly laid out tables and beautiful flowers on them. Our amuse bouche was “Garden beetroot terrine and horseradish sorbet”. I did not know how they had prepared the beetroot but it was holding together so well yet at the same time felt so soft and melted in your mouth, it was delicious. The horseradish crème was also very lovely and went well with the beetroot. I have had beetroot and horseradish crème before though so it did not feel that unique but it was a very nicely executed dish and a great start to the meal.

Our starter was “Salad of Devonshire crab, grapefruit, celery”, and whilst it was a beautifully presented dish, I was less keen on the taste. The crab was good, but this was not a stand out dish for me, and I did not think all the tastes were that unique, strong, memorable, but I guess I say this because I was expecting a lot from a 2 Michelin star restaurant. The main course was “Assiete of Cornish lamb, peas, bacon and sweet onion puree” and once again whilst it was a delicious, good dish, I was just expecting a bit more, something a bit more unusual. The lamb was beautifully cooked and I liked the sweet onion puree and the peas, but it just was not that memorable, and was a good, not an excellent, lamb dish. The desert was “Soft meringue with blackcurrant sorbet, vanilla cream and violet marshmallows” and it looked beautiful in white, pink and purple colours and I very much enjoyed the marshmallows, they were incredibly delicious, but as I am not the biggest fan of blackcurrant, as I just find it too bitter, I did not enjoy the dish that much. It was skillful, as there were different textures and different things cooked and prepared in different ways, and it was stunning to look at, but I just did not enjoy it that much. This is why I also say, I maybe would have enjoyed the food more, had I been able to choose the dishes that I was going to eat, as then I would not have chosen this desert, but chosen something else.

The meal finished with beautiful petit fours, every little thing was pretty, interesting and there were so many incredible variations of it. I had a few and loved them, seriously good. I had a very good meal at Le Manoir, each dish was beautiful, showed off great quality ingredients and also great skill as there were different methods of cooking different parts in the same dish, but it was not as memorable for me as other 2 Michelin star meals have been. It was a good meal but I doubt my boyfriend or I will remember each of the dishes vividly in 1 years’ time, which we do with some other 2 Michelin star meals we have had. The surrounding is beautiful though, and worth going there for, the house is gorgeous and the gardens stunning, and you can have a wonderful day, just like I did, if you go to Le Manoir.

Date: 23/ 07/ 13
Location: near Oxford
Price for 2 people: I don’t know as the lunch was part of a package I got as a present from my amazing other better half

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