Jan 21 2015

Le Murmure


Le Murmure is a café in the 15th district of Paris that turns into a bar in the evenings. You can come here for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I came here for dinner and the place was busy and I heard both English and French being spoken here. People were enjoying themselves, drinking wine and eating typical French brasserie food that Le Murmure (meaning a whisper in English) offers.

The menu is very French and offers all the French classical things you would expect to see there and also a few pasta and risotto dishes. Prices are reasonable and EUR8 on average for a starter and EUR18 for a main course. I did not order a starter but was craving the traditional French tartar (Tartare de Bœuf) as a main course and at Le Murmure you could either have the classic version or “en Aller Retour” which meant it had just been cooked for a few seconds on both sides and was completely raw in the middle with a slightly crispy outside, like an uncooked burger. The tartar was quite plain, I thought it lacked all the things you would typically add to it, like capers, gherkins, onions, spring onions, and was a bit too boring for me, and not spicy, which I like. It also did not have an egg on top of it. Personally not my favourite tartar. It was served with salad leaves and fries, and the fries were great. I kept thinking restaurants in London should do fries like these, with interesting slightly round shape and with the perfect combination of fluffy inside and crispy outside.

My dinner buddy chose to have the “Entrecôte de Bœuf grillée, Beurre Maitre d’Hôtel et Frites”, which was steak with the same fries and salad I had been given, topped with butter. The steak was quite raw (like French people like), and I tasted it and it was slightly nicer than your average steak in a restaurant, soft and easy to chew. My dinner buddy  also chose to have a dessert called “Charlotte Poire chocolat” or Charlotte Poire chocolat, literally translated into English, which was a small little cake with diced up pears in the middle and on a beautiful white and brown chocolate sauce that was drawn like a spider web. Very pretty little dessert, but as I am not too keen on pears in desserts, did not blow me away.

I had a pleasant meal at Le Murmure, I think it is a very solid place. I do however slightly prefer the place for its atmosphere, as opposed to the food, but the food is not bad.

Price for 2 people, no alcohol: 54.80
Location: Paris
Date: 21/ 01/ 15

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Le Murmure
108 Rue de la Convention 75015
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