Sep 25 2012

Le Petite Maison


I love this place and if you have never been to Le Petite Maison you must boot it straight away. I used to say I was not a huge fan of French food, but that was before I discovered Le Petite Maison which is a southern French restaurant with dishes influenced by the cooking of Côte d’Azur and neighboring Liguria. The original La Petite Maison is located in Nice, but these days La Petite Maison has 5 branches across the world, and besides the Nice and London branches, you can also find it in Cannes, Dubai and New York. The London branch of La Petite Maison is located in Mayfair, in a side street, so unless you know it is there, you would not really come across the place easily, and I am always surprised by how many people that work nearby have never heard of this restaurant. I first went to La Petite Maison 2.5 years ago and whenever I have been ever since the food is always excellent and never lets you down, it is just so consistent good!!! La Petite Maison’s interior is nice and cozy but still very stylish, the tables are located in one, not so big, room and quite close together, which makes it cozy but the white tablecloths make this place stylish at the same time. The thing I especially love about La Petite Maison is that on each table you can find some tomatoes, olive oil and lemons, which are meant for decoration, as I assume very few people actually eat them, but you can if you want to adjust your food with any of these. I love the tomatoes they serve and I always eat a few with olive oil even before my starters have arrived and this always raises a few eyebrows from the staff and fellow diners because as I said I get the impression most people leave this decoration alone. Last time I went to La Petite Maison with my friend Remy we decided to have some“Pissaladière”, which is the typical French Onion Tart with Anchovies, “salade de Haricots Verts au Foie Gras”, which was the French green Bean salad with Foie Gras, “Burrata et Tomates”, Burrata with Fresh Datterini Tomatoes and Basil and “poulpe Finement Tranché”,Thinly Sliced Octopus in Lemon Oil. I wanted to have the Pissaladiere as I had had it the first time a few weeks ago in Brasserie Zedel and I just wanted to compare it and see how Le Petite Maison did it, and I have to say here it was brilliant, really delicious and not too overpowering (I was not too sure I liked the dish when I had it in Brasserie Zedel). I had way too many slices of this Pissaladiere. The salad of fois gras and green beans is one of my favorite salads in the world, it is extremely delicious and the fois gras is just wonderful. I could eat this the whole day nonstop. And the burrata and the octopus were also superb. The octopus dish looked beautiful, I have no idea how they make it look so nice and cut it in such think pieces and the taste is divine. There is absolutely nothing to fault in any of these dishes. For the main course we shared the “Turbot aux Artichauts Barigoule”,Turbot with Artichokes, Chorizo, White Wine and Olive Oil, “Coquelet au Citron Confit”Roast Baby Chicken Marinated in Lemon and as sides we had the mixed leaf salad and “pommes de Terre Gratinées” which were theBaked Gratinated Potatoes. I had forgotten how nice turbot was and it is another one of those quite meaty fishes, and I really enjoyed eating it, and I can’t say that about all fish I eat. Also I think one of the ways how you can tell whether a restaurant is truly brilliant is by seeing how they cook quite plain things and how delicious they can turn then, and this is exactly what Le Petite Maison does with chicken. I am not the biggest fan of chicken, but I do thoroughly enjoy La Petite Maison’s roast baby chicken marinated in lemon, it is just superb and if all chicken tasted more like this, it could easily be one of my favorite types of meat. The gratinated potatoes were also excellent, which meant I ate way too many of them, which I am sure my bikini body did not enjoy, but they were so good, I just could not stop. And for the desert we shared a small slice of apple tart with ice cream, and this is the nicest apple tart I have had, and I can say this with confidence as usually I don’t like this dish at all, and very rarely eat it. There is just nothing bad I can say about La Petite Maison, if you go there you are certain to have a great meal.


Date: 25/09/12

Price for 2 with 2 glasses of wine and 1 glass of champagne including service charge: £224.04

location: Mayfair

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Le Petite Maison
54 Brook's Mews, Mayfair, W1K 4EG
United Kingdom
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