Nov 10 2013

Le Petite Maison


Le Petite Maison in London (MMMMM) is one of my favourite restaurants in London, one of the few 5M restaurants. Le Petite Maison in Dubai is supposed to be the 92nd best restaurant in the world, according to the St Pellegrino awards, and the 2nd best restaurant in UAE (after Zuma) according to this list, when the London Le Petite Maison does not feature on this ranking system, I was super keen to come here when I was in Dubai for a few days.

Just like the London Le Petite Maison, the restaurant in Dubai serves southern French food with influence from Ligurian Italy. Local produce, notably artichokes, courgettes, lemons, olives, tomatoes, peppers and girolles are used generously with sea food, meat and fresh pasta to produce a style that’s light and healthy. Oil obtained from olives groves on the hills of the Alpes Maritimes behind Nice and extending into Liguria is used. Dubai’s Le Petite Maison in Dubai is located in the financial district and was a walking distance away from the hotel where I was staying, and to get there you had to walk past modern art galleries. Just like in London the restaurant is sort of hidden from the outside, their saying “tout celebres ici” (or all celebrities here) sort of summarizes why they have it like that, it seems like they want the restaurant to be hidden from the average person, and have that exclusive feel.
We were seated outside, although outside there were not that many tables and most of the tables were inside. The inside of the restaurant is big and around 3x larger than the restaurant in London. Even though I did not sit inside and experience it for myself, because the restaurant in Dubai is bigger, it sort of felt like the atmosphere was not as cosy as in London, and in London all the tables are close together and it is a small, buzzing restaurant. Sitting outside though was very enjoyable, we were shielded from the wind and the weather was just right, not too hot. On the table just like in London they had a bottle of olive oil as well as some tomatoes and a lemon. Whenever I go to Le petite Maison in London, I always eat a tomato as these tomatoes are so good and excellent with the olive oil, salt and pepper. However it did not feel like the tomatoes in Dubai were meant for eating and they were very hard and not ripe at all.
The menu here was very similar to the menu in London, although I did not notice a few dishes that were different. I was given the task of choosing the food and so I chose the starters and main course for us to share whilst taking account what my dinner buddies Rob and Ahmed wanted to eat. I ordered the following starters “Salad de Haricots Verts au Foie Gras” or
French Beans with Foie Gras, a salad that I love and have had many times in Le Petite Maison, as well as “Burrata et Tomates” or Burrata with Tomatoes and Basil, another dish that I have quite frequently and “Carpacio de Loup de Mer” or Sea Bass Carpaccio with Salsa Verde that I have had in London once. Ahmed also said he really likes “Salade de Crustacés” or
Crab and Lobster Salad, so we ordered that and Rob was keen to have “Carpaccio de Sériole du Japon” or Yellowtail with Avocado and Citrus Dressing.
All the food was excellent, and I have never had a dish that I don’t like in Le Petite Maison. The boys liked the yellowtail and the lobster and crab salad dishes the most. I do have to agree that the yellowtail was excellent as was the lobster and crab salad. Both had subtle yet extremely good and delicious flavours. The green bean and fois gras salad was delicious and exactly like the salad I have had in London. Burrata and seabass (covered in salasa verde) were delicious too, although probably my two least favourite dishes, but then again the standard is so high here. I think my review of Le Petite Maison is quite boring as they just do very good food, and Dubai did exactly what London does, provide you with consistently delicious dishes.
Rob was craving some pasta so I ordered “Pâtes au Bœuf” or Pasta with Beef Ragout and Mushrooms as a main course for us to share and to balance this I wanted a fish and a meat dish and we decided to go for “Côte de Veau Grillée” or Grilled Veal Chop and the waitress suggested we have “Sôle Poêlée aux Grains de Moutarde” or Pan Fried Dover Sole with a Grainy Mustard Dressing. The dover sole was delicious. I was eating it and thinking it was remarkable to have such a delicious and good fish, seemingly nothing was added to it, it was just pan fried but somehow they had made it extremely delicious. Both Ahmed and I thought that this was our favourite dish of the whole meal. Rob likes pasta so he said he naturally liked the beef ragout pasta and I do have to agree it was very good. I am supposed to be on this semi diet where I don’t eat wheat and I just could not stop myself and kept eating the pasta, it was that good. I love veal so I had suggested we have it, and I thought it was another show stopper dish, meat was tender, well cooked, delicious, and just melted in your mouth, although Rob thought it had slightly too much fat on it, which I sort of agree with, but I cut it off.
We also shared a desert, the passion fruit and mango desert and it was quite pleasant, nice good flavours, not too big and a sort of nice end to the meal but also not amazing. I did very much enjoy Le Petite Maison in Dubai however I can’t see at all why it would score higher than the restaurant in London. I have heard people say before that the food here is better than in London, but I could not taste or see that at all. I thought the food was excellent, but I also think that about the London branch. The reason why I give Le Petite Maison Dubai a slightly lower ranking than the London one is because of the atmosphere. There is something extremely cute about Le Petite Maison in London being hidden like it is on a quiet small street in busy Mayfair and there is charm to the small buzzing atmosphere inside, which I think the Dubai branch lacks, it just feels slightly more commercial. But the food is excellent in both restaurants and this remains one of my favourite, if not the favourite, French restaurants in London.
Date: 10/ 11/ 13
Location: Dubai
Price for 3 people with alcohol: 1897.50AED (£316.92)

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Le Petite Maison
Le Petite Maison, Trade Centre
United Arab Emirates
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