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Lemonia is a neighbourhood Greek restaurant in Primrose Hill and it is one of those old school restaurants that people have been going to for years (it has been open for 30 years). People say that the best thing about this Greek restaurant is the service, as this is a family run Greek restaurant, and all the people who work there are Greeks and they welcome you very well. I found this to be true, and when we arrived we were eagerly greeted and seated outside and given the menu right away.


The inside of the restaurant is very pleasant and in the style of a Greek tavern with typical ornaments and generally very pleasant. As it was very hot we were sitting outside and instantly when we sat down a Greek waiter brought us a plate of fresh vegetables and olives to pick on before our meal.


The menu featured all the Greek classics and I had serious problems choosing what to eat, as I wanted to order everything, and in the end really had to hold myself back. In the end I ordered some cold starters, like Zatziki (yoghurt, mint and cucumber dip) that I had with pita bread, Greek salad as well as the Tabouleh salad. I was a bit disappointed with all these dishes to be honest with you. The Zatziki did not have a tasty kick to it, it felt a bit bland, and I can definitely make a better one at home. I also was not that impressed with the Tabouleh, as usually it is such a delicious salad and here it was very average and something was most definitely missing, I just can’t put my finger on what it was. The Greek salad was very average and had all the right ingredients of a Greek salad, it was just not that tasty or memorable, and I had a better Greek salad in a chain restaurant the Real Greek.


I also ordered some hot starters, the Grilled Halloumi Cheese and the Fried Kalamari. These were better than the cold starters, although there is nothing much you need to do when grilling a halloumi cheese, and whilst it was tasty, it was nothing special. I liked the fact that the Kalamari were quite big, and they felt fresh, so I did like this one.


At the beginning we had told the waiter we wanted everything at once so we can share things as opposed to having a main course and starters, and the waiter initially said it would take at least 15 minutes for the main to be made, so we could not have it all at once. But when the food was actually served (and they brought the food in super super short period of time, suspiciously short), they managed to produce the main very quickly. For the main course we shared a mixed grill that had a variety of grilled meat (minced meat kebabs, beef, lamb and chicken), served with rice. Overall the meat was good but not excellent, and I actually prefer these sort of mix grill dishes in Lebanese restaurants.


I do agree with the reviews I have read that the atmosphere and the service in Lemonia are the main reason why you would want to come back, as you feel a true spirit of Greece when you are there. The food however is just ok, and I am sure you can find much better Greek restaurants in London.


Date: 28/ 07/ 13

Location: Primrose Hill

Price for 2 people, no alcohol and 12.5% service charge: £49.50

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