Jul 19 2012


I have been waiting for months for this place to open and finally it has!!! Lima (also the capital of Peru, but I am sure you know this) is a Peruvian restaurant based in Fitzrovia, and London this year seems to have been overtaken by a craze for Peruvian food. First Ceviche opened in Soho and now Lima, and all the food blogs and magazines are writing about Peruvian food and restaurants these days. I went to Peru 2 months ago and absolutely loved the country and thought the food was excellent, and as I did not like the Soho restaurant Ceviche that much when I went there a few months ago, I was hoping that with the opening of Lima, there will now be a solid, good Peruvian restaurant in London. 


The interior of Lima is quite cool, the place has a ground floor (more light, more white) and a basement (more dark, different vibe), and I was sitting on the lighter ground floor, and what was really cool was that there were these typical Peruvian cushions scattered all around the sofas (I have brought one of these cushions back from Peru, different colour though!), which made the interior modern but with a nice traditional twist (and much nicer than the interior in Ceviche). 


When I arrived my boyfriend was already waiting for me, sipping a pisco sour, the traditional Peruvian cocktail that we fell in love with in Peru, which was equally authentic here. I also tried the bloody mary, using pisco instead of vodka, which was very delicious, and I almost prefer this pisco version. Overall the cocktails menu is very interesting as it offers all the traditional Peruvian cocktails as well as the classic cocktails with the option to have them with pisco. 


The menu is still quite small in Lima, probably because they have just opened up, and the menu featured 7 starters and 7 main courses. We shared a salmon tiradito (the Peruvian version of sashimi, sashimi served with a sauce) served with rocoto ají pepper, organic radish, celery, samphire. The tiradito was nice but the problem is that I have had much better ones in Peru, so it slightly let me down, but still brought back wonderful memories. We also had the sea bass ceviche, served with red onion, Andean cancha corn (my boyfriend and I love this type of corn!! We had it non stop in Peru) and tiger´s milk. I did like the ceviche (and as I said loved the fact it was served with that nice corn), but it could have been a bit better and I did not think it had enough of a kick. The last starter we shared was artichokes served with white onion, amazon tree tomato, lemon and pink molle – this was one of the prettiest and most colourful dishes I have ever had. The pink and yellow reminded me of the colourful people living on Lake Titicaca in Peru and brought back even more fond memories of my trip. The dish tasted very nice as well. 


For the main course we shared a crab dish and the lamb shoulder with black quinoa, coriander, white grape and pisco cinnamon. The crab dish served with potatoes was one of the nicest main courses I have had in a long time, and it tasted extremely authentic. I am not the biggest fan of crab, my boyfriend chose this dish, and it was superb, one of the reasons why I give this restaurant such a high ranking. The lamb was nice as well, and I loved the black quinoa (a type of grain that comes from Peru) that came with it. 


I do think this restaurant is nicer than Ceviche and now offers the best Peruvian food in London, but I don’t think it was quite as good as the Peruvian restaurants in Peru. Also it seems like they serve a bit of a fusion food in LIma, so Peruvian food made nicer to eat for foreigners, but it is still wonderful and after 2 cocktails (they were so strong!!!) I was feeling very happy when I left Lima, full of fond memories of my trip. For the desert we had the ice cream of dulce de leche with maca root crumble and beetroot, and as I love dulce de leche, I really enjoyed it. 


Date: 19/ 07/ 2012

Location: Fitzrovia


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