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Lima Floral


Lima Floral is the sister restaurant to the Peruvian restaurant Lima that opened 2 years ago and now has 1 Michelin star. I guess impressed by the success Peruvian food has had in London and by Lima’s Michelin star, the owners have opened Lima Floral. In contrast to Lima which is located in Fitzrovia, Lima Floral is in Covent Garden and my boyfriend though the building where Lima Floral was located was nicer than the Lima building. As far as inside of the restaurant goes, I have not been to Lima for a while, but I do remember Lima having more interesting traditional décor.

Lima Floral is split into 2 sections, although when I went there I did not see it. The main restaurant (seats 60 people) servers interesting plates overseen by Virgilio Martinez (patron chef of Lima and Lima Floral) and Head Chef Robert Ortiz, and there is also a ‘piqueos bar’ in which they serve sharing/ finger food, with small piqueos dishes (ie Peruvian tapas). As I said I did not see the ‘piqueos bar’ (I did not ask at the time), so I am now wondering where it is. Virgilio Martinez that oversees both restaurants is an impressive chef who also runs restaurant “Central” in Lima, Peru which is currently ranked the 15th best restaurant in the world in the St Pellegrino best restaurants list.

I came here for dinner with my friends Lasma and Luke. The restaurant was full when we arrived and remained full throughout the meal. Also we stayed there a lot longer than 2h and it is so nice when they don’t ask you to leave and you can sit and enjoy your meal for as long as you like. We shared starters and then ordered a main course each. Before ordering food we also got some pisco sours and they had a choice of lime and passion fruit and I tried both. The lime one was definitely more authentic but the passion fruit one was sweeter and my friend Lasma who likes passion fruit loved these. They also had great corn bread with a tasty dip.

The starters that we ordered were the four ones our waiter recommended “Crudo Mar” which had salmon, rocoto chili pepper and blue potato, “Sea bream Ceviche” with sea bream, tiger’s milk, avocado, crispy onions and cancha corn, “leche de tigre” or yellow tiger’s milk, crunchy asparagus Peru and “escabeche salad” with beef crudo, algarrobo syrup, warm escabeche dressing and green salad. The starters cost £9 on average. The started that we all liked the most was the sea bream ceviche and it was very good and tasted very authentic, and there are a lot of places that get it so wrong. The other started that we liked was the “Crudo Mar” with delicious salmon topped on blue potato, it tasted delicious. I personally liked a lot the leche de tigre, the yellow tiger’s milk was delicious and I also very much liked the crunchy asparagus, they were so thin and so crunchy, very impressive how they made them like this.

We each ordered a main course (they cost £20 on average). The waiter said their best dish was the organic lamb made with lamb rump served with eco dry potato, queso fresco, black quinoa and crispy blue potato. I did not think this dish was that impressive but my boyfriend thought the lamb was very good, it was well cooked and he liked the  black quinoa. Luke and I ordered the “beef sudado” which consisted of a seared entrecote, coriander, heritage tomato and white quinoa and the beef was served in sort of a soup with the other ingredients floating there. Luke loved it and so did I. Beef was nice, the dish was flavoursome and it was just very interesting, not your typical beef dish. Lasma ordered “hot ceviche a la piedra” with sea bream, hot tiger’s milk, sweet potato and yuyo seaweed and she thought it was very delicious. I tasted some of the sauce and did like it.

We also ordered three different deserts, two portions of a desert called “chocolate” which had palo blanco and peru cacao. Oat and wood sorrel and which the boys really enjoyed but Lasma correctly summarized it saying it tasted a bit like nutella. It did in a good way. I ordered a desert called “suspiro ardiente” which had dulce de leche, beetroot and dry limo chili pepper. The men were sceptical about it from the beginning due to the beetroot in it and they said it tasted awful. I personally did like it, the taste of dulce de leche was subtle and nice and you could not actually taste the beetroot flavour although the desert had red colour in it.

The Lima restaurants don’t serve typical Peruvian food, it is more fusion food. The dishes are tasty, interesting, as we in London are not yet that used to Peruvian ingredients and taste. Lima Floral, together with Lima and Andina are my three favourite Peruvian restaurants in London. However we paid close to £280 pounds for a meal for 4 people, which even though we had a lot of drinks, is quite expensive. 

Date: 30/ 08/ 14
Location: Covent Garden
Price for 4 people with alcohol: around £280

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Lima Floral
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