May 29 2012


Limo is one of my favourite restaurants in Peru, and my favourite one in Cusco. I had read a review on Limo and really wanted to go there, mainly because the restaurant overlooked from above the main plaza of Cusco, Plaza de Armas, and had a nice view of the church in the square and the surrounding mountains. I thought it would be great to have dinner with this view, but the food was also superb.

Limo is a very stylish and chic restaurant. When we arrived we wanted to sit and overlook the Plaza the Armas, but all the tables there were already taken or reserved, so we sat in another room, but if you go there I do recommend to book a table overlooking the Plaza de Armas. There are photos around the room and wooden tables and modern white leather/ wood chairs and red colour walls, and it feels very trendy. We also had a great waiter who spoke excellent English with an American accent after having studied there for a few years and he was very knowledgeable and great at recommending dishes.

We decided to start our meal with a pisco sour cocktail, and the cocktails and the bar here were so good, we actually came back on a subsequent night just for a drink. Limo serves Peruvian/ Japanese fusion food, and nowadays there are many restaurants in London that do this type of food (SushiSamba, Sushinho), but when I came to Limo, I had not really had this type of food before and I loved it. Peruvian and Japanese food is similar in a way that both have dishes of raw fish and for example the Japanese sashimi is made into a Peruvian tiradito by adding a lime and chilli based sauce where the fish marinates/ cooks.

We decided to start our meal with a tiradito and a creole ceviche and both were amazing. The ceviche had fresh catch, scallops, shrimp, squid, lime juice, aji limo, salt and red onion, and you could chose from 4 different ceviches. I had also read a lot about the Peruvian causa (mashed yellow potato dumpling mixed with key lime, onion, chili and oil), and so we ordered causita balls topped with salmon sashimi, salsa chalaca, avocado and cilantro oil, which we did not really enjoy that much only because we realized we don’t like causa that much. A vegetable side salad was ok, probably the least memorable thing we had here. But the best thing that you can have in Limo are the imaginative sushi rolls which have a Peruvian twist to them and they were so beautifully presented and so delicious. I ordered “al ajo” roll which had a panko breaded shrimp, crab meat and avocado and was covered with salmon sashimi and a spicy garlic mayonnaise, and it was so good I had to order another different roll at the end, even though I was full. We did not order any of their hot appetizers or main courses, even though there is a big section of these and these looked amazing as well.

For a delicious chic meal and contemporary twist to Peruvian food, I recommend Limo. It was one of my most memorable meals in Peru.

Date: 29/ 05/ 12
Location: Cusco, Peru

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