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It was a Saturday evening in Munich and my mum, I and her friend Zanna wanted to get some dinner. We had not booked anything so my mum suggested we go to her neighbourhood Italian restaurant called Limone, that had just opened in a building where a French restaurant used to be. She said the waitresses would know her and we would not have a problem getting a table, as many restaurants in Munich on a Saturday night could be very full and could have turned us away. However the restaurant was semi full and so we managed to get a table easily.

The inside of the restaurant reminded me more of an aperol bar than a restaurant as it had high stools and sofas and high tables and it was sort of casual with checked tablecloths, there was a sort of rustic feel to it. There were not that many tables inside, so the restaurant could be filled easily but there were many more tables outside (but as it was very cold, I was not tempted to sit outside at all). The menu was written on a blackboard, and they did not have an actual menu that you could hold in your hands and I guess it is because it changes so frequently, which is a good thing as it means they change their ingredients frequently and adjust the menu according to them. The menu was also not very big and had just 4 starters, 3 pastas and 5 main courses as well as some specials

Before we got our food we were given some plain white baguette bread, nothing special here. Zanna and I both ordered grilled shrimps with fennel as our starter and my mum just wanted a plain green salad. The shrimps were actually very nice, they were big, tasty, juicy, seemed very fresh, Zanna really liked them, and they went very well with the fennel, very nice starter. My mum’s salad was also nice and she really liked the dressing, thought it was super tasty and even asked the waitress what sort of dressing it was and it turned out to be olive oil, mustard and some apple juice and this apple juice made the salad slightly sweet and interesting.

My main course was veal with potato puree and radicchio. The veal was very soft and tasty, the potato puree was also tasty and soft to eat, and the radicchios were a bit bitter but sort of complimented the sweet puree and the veal very nicely. Both my mum and I that had ordered this very much liked it. Zanna ordered a lamb dish and her lamb was beautifully cooked, still pink in the middle and I tried some and it was very soft and delicious.

I really like these small, cosy restaurants like Limone that have character, cook good food from a small menu, and at Limone this meant all their dishes were well thought out and tasty and interesting. This is a safe, good choice in Munich for dinner.

Date: 02/ 11/ 13
Price for 3 people with alcohol: EUR141.32 and we left EUR 10 service charge
Location: Munich

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