Apr 15 2014

Locanda Ottoemezzo


My boyfriend gets these offers sent to him from time to time and one of the offers was to eat at Locanda Ottomezzo and have 25% off your bill. Locanda Ottoemezzo to me sounded very nice, like Locanda Locatelli, and I thought this was an amazing restaurant inviting me and offering money off the bill. I was ecstatic and booked it for dinner on a Tuesday evening (the offer only worked on certain week days if I remember correctly).

I wanted to book a table for 6.30 but the restaurant only opens at 7pm so we made our way there for 7pm. The restaurant was absolutely empty when we arrived and 2 more tables arrived as we were leaving but throughout our meal we were the only people in the restaurant which created a bit of a spooky feeling and meant that our food was brought to us super quickly and I was a bit conscious about speaking as the waiters were listening to us the whole time. It was a Tuesday but I still expected more people. The interior was quite nice though, walls painted red, different pictures and posters on the wall, creating a homely feel and also they had their own olive oil on the table which the waitress encourages us to try.

The waitress gave us the menu and we could either chose a la carte dishes with starters ranging from £11.50 to £15 and main courses from £20 to £30 or chose the set menu where we could chose a starter and a main course for £30. I actually liked quite a few dishes so I decided to go for the set menu, and so did my boyfriend. We could chose from three different starters and four different main courses and for my starter I ordered the barley soup topped with smoked duck and my boyfriend went for the crab terrine with apple wrapped in smoked salmon. Before we had our food the waitress also brought us small amuse bouche of filled mussel shells with mussels and some other sort of thing, and it was interesting but I did not like the taste at all. I also did not like my soup. It arrived super-hot, steaming, the sort of hotness you get from removing it from a microwave, and I was sure they had just microwaved it as it took them so little time to bring it out. I also did not like that it was so thick, I expected it to be thinner, it was like porridge. Overall I did not enjoy it. My boyfriend’s crab dish was also not very tasty or good.

I was then looking forward to my main course, a nice pasta course “Homemade chestnut flour Tagliatelle egg pasta with duck ragout and parmesan twist”. Once again the dish arrive smoking hot, again from the microwave. The pasta was soft, felt sort of homemade, and the duck ragout was good but lacked seasoning which I had to add myself. But I could not enjoy it as I did not like it too much and I kept thinking how I can have microwaved food at home and don’t need to spend money on it in restaurants. My boyfriend ordered fried cod and he also was not impressed and was saying how this was one of the least impressive meals he has had this year.

We did not want any desserts so after our meal just asked for the bill. The waiter brought us a bill for £75 with no 25% off which would have been the only bright thing in this meal. When we pointed this out he said that our offer was for a la carte food and as we ordered from the set menu we could not get it. I do agree it was my fault for not checking the offer properly but when we entered the restaurant the people working there knew we had booked from top table using this offer so they should have said something I think. We paid £75 for a meal that was below average which I am super disappointed about. After the meal I also had to listen to my boyfriend complaining about how if I am a blogger I should know where we go and that is a disgrace I don’t do more due diligence on the places we visit, which is true as I did rely on the nice name for this restaurant.

Date: 15/ 04/ 14
Price for 2 people: £75
Location: High Street Kensington

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Locanda Ottoemezzo
2-4 Thackeray Street W8 5ET
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