Mar 23 2014

Lockhart, The


The Lockhart has been around in Marylebone (Seymour Place) serving US southern food for close to 2 years now but it started getting much more attention a few months ago when they changed their chef. The new chef is the Mississippi born Brad McDonald, who has worked in some great restaurants around the world. My friends Love and Katrina had booked a table for brunch so I went there on a Sunday. The menu during dinner is different and wider and showcases their true skill and I am yet to experience this, which I really want to, although my boyfriend who has had dinner here says the food is great.

We had booked a table for 14.00 and when I arrived promptly they could not yet seat me and told me to go downstairs to their bar. When I arrived at the bar there was no bartender so I could not get my drink and it took a few minutes for someone to arrive and take my order. There were a lot of children around during the brunch so the atmosphere was noisy, but if you do have children, this places welcomes them. The room is bright and light and the tables and chairs are simple and wooden and there is an open kitchen on one side.

The brunch menu was quite small (7 different dishes), and we ordered 4 different of them and shared them. The dishes range from  £6.5 to £14 for brunch dishes. They also apparently have a good selection of US wines, but we did not try any of these on this occasion. Our waiter was very good, he was attentive, polite and brought us cutlery when we wanted it, checked on the food (they had forgotten to bring us toast with the asparagus and he got it), so that was very pleasant. He also recommended we have one of their pressed apple juices which we did and which was nice.

We ordered “ fried chicken & waffle with maple syrup”, “shrimp & grits”, asparagus with trout roe and toast as well as a side dish of “pecan waffle”. Everything was very tasty. I loved the shrimp and grits, it was a delicious bowl of food, some of the best shrimp and grits I have had (note though I have not had it that often). I also was pleasantly surprised about how much I liked the chicken and waffle with sweet maple syrup. I am usually very sceptical about waffles and meat (hence I have never had the duck & waffle dish in the restaurant Duck % Waffle) but I did enjoy it and thought it went together very well. Chicken was crunchy and tasty and the waffle was soft and nicely sweet. The asparagus were a nice vegetable to have on the side with everything else, but I would not chose it as a dish on its own.

I had a very good meal at the Lockhart and do want to come back. I suspect if I try their dinner menu I may like it even more and could give this place more Ms.

Date: 23/ 03/ 14
Price for 3 people, no alcohol and service charge: £69.67
Location: Marylebone

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Lockhart, The
24 Seymour Place W1H 7NL
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