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My boyfriend and I have started a new thing, where every weak we go through the alphabet and chose a cuisine based on the corresponding letter. I was the one that kicked this off, with A, first letter of the alphabet and so last week I had to choose a cuisine that starts with A (could have been Algerian, Afghanistan, Argentinean etc...) and based on that a restaurant. My boyfriend thought I would be nice and sophisticated and chose something like Argentinean but I decided to go for - American!! I chose a Southern American restaurant called Lowcountry that had just opened up in Fulham and served "shrimps and grits" type of Southern Creole food. After having spent 40 minutes getting there, my expectations were running high, but when I got there the place looked like a made up pub (1/2 of the place is a pub and then they also have a dining room where you can watch the chefs cook food in the middle of the room and can even sit next to where they are cooking). We were the only people in the restaurant's dining area (quite worrying on a Friday night, but then again football was on and England was playing and my boyfriend kept complaining I kept him away from football), which meant the waitresses were constantly watching us in a bit of an annoying way and being way too quick in delivering the food, as they had no other customers to serve.

The food unfortunately was a massive let down for me. As a starter we shared the Lowcountry cocktail tower, which included shrimps (ok), scallops (seemed super poor quality), 2 spicy oysters (I don't eat oysters so can't tell if they were good) and some lobster meat served in an open oyster shelf (the lobster meat seemed so bad, and I usually love lobster I could not eat much of this, as I was scared of being poisoned). And the other starter we had was the Lowcountry spare ribs, which were ok, but quite poor if you compare them to ribs in Pitt Cue Co for example. The main course was even worse, and we shared a seafood gumbo, andoille sausage & jasmine rice, which was a shrimp and sausage mix + rice so uninspiring I could have made a much much better one myself, and I am not the best cook out there. The other main course we had was the burger, and I did not even finish this which shows how untasty it was, as I am usually like a hyena when I see a burger, trying to ravage it as quickly as I can. You can see the pictures below, which look okeyish, but the taste is not as good as the pictures (pictures are amazing due to my Cannon camera), which is sad, as I was super keen to find a good Southern American style place

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