Mar 20 2015


Before our trip to Majorca, we did quite a bit of research about the best restaurants on the island we should visit and Lua kept coming up in our research. As it was located in the town Soller where we were staying, it was extra convenient for us to visit it, which we did on a Friday lunch time. Lua is located in quite an interesting yellow corner building which stands out. Also most of the restaurants in Sollers are located closer to the water overlooking the boats, but Lua is one row behind them on a small hill, so you are slightly further away from the water, but the view from the 1st floor restaurant is probably better and you can see the port and the expensive boats. The interior of the restaurant seemed a bit more upscale than the other restaurants in the neighbourhood.

Lua is a fish restaurant and they specialize in grilled fish, although you can also find some meat dishes on the menu. We decided to order a few things and share among the three of us. Before our meal the waitress also brought us a plate of olives and bread. We ordered some gambas al ajillo, or the dish of prawns in the spicy and garlicy oil, a dish which I really like, as well as a fish paella, steamed mussels and a grilled fish of the day.

I thought gambas al ajillo were delicious, with the right amount of spicy and garlic taste, good take on the dish. The mussels were nice too, I thought at the time (before given absolutely awful mussels the day after, so in comparison these were amazing). I loved the paella. It had a mix of fish, mussels, prawns, clams and squid and a rich taste like good paella has, also it was a decent portion (we asked for a paella for 2 people, despite there being 3 of us, and there was a lot of food for 2 and even 3). The grilled fish was also very colourfully decorated, served with grilled potatoes and some vegetables. By this time I was too full from the paella and could not eat much, but the fish I had was good.

At the time of eating I did not think Lua was particularly standout but after comparing it to the other restaurants in Port Soller, which served worse and more touristy food, I actually do think Lua is a great choice as a restaurant in this area. And it does have a beautiful view as well.

Date: 20/ 03/ 15
Location: Majorca

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Carre Santa Caterina de alexandria 1 07108 Soller
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