Feb 19 2015

M Grill


M Grill is the relatively new restaurant in the city that specialises in steak and even sells 150g kobe beef fillet for £150. It is located in the same building as M Raw, which I have already reviewed, restaurant that focuses on uncooked (as the name suggests) Japanese and Latin American dishes.

When you enter the building, hidden away from the main street, but very close to bank station, on your right is M Raw and on the left is M Grill. When we came here on a Thursday for lunch, it was half busy. The atmosphere and décor are very corporate, this place is trying to be like other places in the city that want to capture the wealthy lunch crowd – mainly men – by serving them steak. Starters are £10 on average and steak costs from £18 upwards. We actually went for their set menu for lunch, which was a bit more than £20 pounds and included a starter and a main, but when you add the drinks, the sides and sauces we ordered, the bill came to £45/ person, for not bad but unremarkable food.

In the set menu we had a choice of 3 starters and 3 main courses and for our starter, both of us went for the “cured organic trout” with apple, ginger and coriander. The plate was pretty and colourful, with bright, colourful food. I did like the trout and the hints of ginger and coriander, but did not like the apple. Overall the taste was quite pleasant, but not memorable.

As for the main course both of us chose to have the option of a 200g steak. I also ordered chimichurri sauce to go with my steak. The steak was cooked like we asked, meat was not as tender as you can get, but it was an average London city steak restaurant steak, not worse than average and not better. The steak came with chips, which were not very good, not as crunchy and fluffy as they should be. The chimichurri sauce was a disaster, it did not have the consistency of the chimichurri sauce nor the taste, it was a disappointment. We also ordered 2 sides, the tomatoes with balsamic dressing and Normandy vinaigrette and the sautéed wild mushrooms with chenin blanc, both for 4.50. The tomato dish was quite plain, with cut up tomatoes served with some salad leaves and onions, but as I have said before in other reviews, I do like tomatoes, so I very happily ate this.

Overall I am not rushing back to M Raw. It does not stand out in the slightest from the other expensive city steak restaurants. It will feed you well, but it won’t be a memorable meal.

Price for 2 people, no alcohol, with service charge: 89.72
Location: Bank
Date: 19/ 02/ 15

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M Grill
2-3 Threadneedle Walk, 60 Threadneedle Street EC2R 8HP
United Kingdom
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