Dec 17 2014

M Raw


M Grill and M Raw are the new M Restaurants opened by the Bank station in the City area of London. The name clearly attracted my attention, and despite M Restaurants giving them only 1 M, I have given M Raw a few more. We actually came here on the first day of the restaurants opening, so it was a bit empty, but they did not have any obvious problems that restaurants can have when they first open, so they did a great job on this first day, and our waitress was very enthusiastic.

M Restaurant is divided into 2 parts, when you walk into, on your right is M Raw, specializing in raw food, like ceviches and Japanese raw food, the very trendy things these days, and on your left M Grill, which apparently according to an article I read offers you the most expensive Japanese steak in London. When we came here M Grill was busier and mainly had men eating steak and M Raw had less people and more women, which is not a surprise. The dishes at M Raw are small and cost £9 on average (the ramen a bit more) and you need a few of these to be full.

The menu at M Raw consisted of 2 snacks – edamame beans and this light crunchy big rice cracker, both which we ordered and sashimi dishes, ramen dishes, cured and smoked dishes, “forbidden hot pots”, tartare and tiradito dishes and “leaves and grains”. I was a bit surprised about the ramen dishes, as they were not raw and to me seemed a bit out of place. Maybe they had them because London has gone ramen crazy with many ramen bars popping up around the city, so they wanted to cater for this. The edamame beans were nice, served with chilli, lime and soy, pleasant but nothing amazing. I actually very much liked the rice crackers which were served with lemongrass salt and burnt aubergine puree, very tasty.

We ordered a plate of sashimi with a variety of fish, which I thought were ok. From the leaves and grains section we ordered the peas with English wasabi salad which had warm sugar snap peas, mange tout, radish and which was topped with that nice rice cracker. This was probably my least favourite dish, as it lacked any interesting flavour. The black quinoa salad with brown rice, red onion and fennel was extremely delicious and had a wonderful sauce and I just wanted more of it. From the tartare section we ordered the argentine beef tartare which was nicely presented with 62° hen’s egg, cornichons, shallots and sourdough. We also ordered the yellow fin tartare dish, but it never arrived, not that we cared as we had a lot of food already, and did not realty need this. From the cured and smoked section we ordered the smoked baby beets with balsamic, goats cheese and almonds, which was a very good dish, well thought out and delicious.

We chose the wagyu brisket and wasabi ramen which had fresh noodles, nori, slow cooked egg and bamboo shoots. It was a nice ramen, but lacked that strong flavoured broth that specialized ramen restaurants do, and this was more of a tamed European version of ramen. The forbidden hot pots where just grilled meats that came on a hot stone that you could continue cooking on your table. We ordered the chicken yakitori and onglet steak cooked over coals. Both were quite pleasant, but not standout dishes.

We also ordered 2 desserts, one was the trip of sorbets which included coconut, plum and quince, and the coconut and quince ones had a strong amazing flavour and the plum one less so. The other desert we ordered was the white chocolate and lavender soup, with poached apples, coconut tuile, and it was less of a soup and more like a thicker cream, but had an amazing white chocolate and lavender flavour.

I thought M Raw was good, but it did not blow me away. Now I am looking forward to going to M Grill to see how good the steak there is. 

Date: 25/ 11/ 14
Price for 5 people: I did not see the bill, don’t know
Location: Bank

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M Raw
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